Hitman 2, Dead Cells, and GreedFall Coming to PS Now Starting August 2020

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Hitman 2, Dead Cells, and GreedFall Coming to PS Now Starting August 2020
Hitman 2, Dead Cells, and GreedFall Coming to PS

For a while now, Sony not only announces free PS Plus games every month but also those that join PlayStation Now. You know, the paid service that allows us to access hundreds of games from almost all PlayStation consoles in streaming. Sony has just announced three more titles.

All of them are available from today. Although only one will remain in service indefinitely. The other two, as is customary to every time new games are announced for PS Now, will only remain until a deadline that we will mention below.

There are three new PS4 games launched in PS Now. You should be able to download them to your console if you don’t want to play in streaming. Without further delay, here you have them.

New PS Now games

Hitman 2 (valued at 69.99 USD)

The latest installment of Agent 47 is everything the saga has always aspired to be. Stealth and murder on huge levels, open and loaded with possibilities. Perfect for preparing for the third installment, which will arrive soon. Hitman 2 will only be available on PS Now until February 1, 2021.

Greedfall (valued at 49.99 USD)

If you like good western role and especially miss Bioware games, the new Spiders will satisfy your cravings. Deep character development and customization, a story where our decisions matter, and a pretty solid combat system. This one – Greedfall – stays on PS Now indefinitely.

Dead Cells (valued at 24.99 USD)

It is one of the best roguelikes of recent years, to be honest. Dead Cells masterfully mixes permanent deaths, random level generation, and the Metroidvania structure (it is a “roguevania” according to its creators). It has hilarious action that also continues to receive content with new updates. Of course, it will only be on PS Now until February 1, 2021.

These games join a catalog of more than 700 games available to enjoy on PS4 or PC, PS4, PS3 and PS2. We also remind you that the August PS Plus games are now available for download (Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Remastered, Fall Guys and Nubla 2).

You can enjoy the PS Now catalog in three different ways: one month for $9.99, three months for $24.99 or one year for $59.99, with a seven-day free trial.

Other Games you Can Enjoy on PS Now this August

In addition to those three, there are many other new games in the catalog that are still available this August, such as:

Sony revealed in May that PlayStation Now grew twice as much in subscriptions in the past year. Besides, the service will be an essential part of the strategy for PlayStation 5.

So, there is no doubt that more flashy games will come in the future. PlayStation Now is available only for some regions.

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  1. I think I will enjoy all of these – Hitman 2, Dead Cells, and GreedFall…. just gotta save up some $$ for Hitman 2.

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