Hilarious Misspelling In Phasmophobia’s Prison Map

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Hilarious Misspelling In Phasmophobia’s Prison Map
Hilarious Misspelling In Phasmophobia’s Prison Map

When we’re playing Phasmophobia, we’re usually too scared running through haunted locations to look at small details. However, those with a keen eye for detail noticed a hilarious misspelling in Phasmophobia’s new prison map when it was released earlier today.

What Is Phasmophobia’s Prison Map?

Phasmophobia’s prison map was released after much hype on social media. While the map itself wasn’t created from scratch and was dropped in with a few shaders from the Unity Store, we’re still excited nonetheless. It’s a larger map (not as big as the Asylum) that has multiple cell blocks and offices to explore.

Where Is The Misspelling In The Map?

Unfortunately, if you didn’t switch to the unstable beta build early enough and start playing through the prison map, then you’ve missed the opportunity to find a hilarious misspelling.

Misspelling In Phasmophobia’s Prison Map
Misspelling In Phasmophobia’s Prison Map

One of the rooms meant for the chief security officer of the prison was labeled:

“Chief Secutiy Officer”

Even Grammarly tried correcting me when I typed that out. Now that I have it added to my dictionary, “secutiy” will always be a word in my computer’s dictionary.

This misspelling is an easy mistake to make, but it’s a hilarious one. We’re all human, after all.

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