Haven Is Coming To The Xbox Series X As A Launch Title

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Haven Video Game
Haven Video Game

Haven is a game for lovers, and it looks like lovers will get to enjoy the game with their special someone. There are not a lot of romance-focused games, so the French indie studio, The Game Bakers, is taking a risk on creating a game meant to be played together with someone else.

Haven’s premise is that two lovers who want to be together find themselves on a desolate planet to have an intimate relationship with a space adventure aesthetic. It’s basically Romeo and Juliet in space. The two lovers, Yu and Kay, escaped persecution only to find themselves on this planet where they must gather resources to survive. The two must learn to survive in their new home as they unravel the planet’s mysteries.

Originally, the title was supposed to release only on the PC and PlayStation. It is an indie title, after all. However, Gamescom 2020 dropped us with a big surprise. Not only did we get a 10-minute gameplay trailer of Haven, but we got the news that it will be a launch title for the Xbox Series X.

Haven: 10 Minutes of Xbox Series X Gameplay | gamescom 2020

This is exciting for couples who are looking for an excellent romantic game to play together. Obviously, this title is for a niche market of gamer lovers, but we’re sure it’s something people will pick up eventually when they find that special someone to play with. The gameplay looks interesting since it is a roleplaying game, there’s going to be a turn-based combat system. However, unlike other roleplaying games, there doesn’t look like there’s no quest log to follow. There is a logbook for exploring, but there are no “kill X monsters” or “procure X materials.” There are also no health bars, or any bars, to indicate the character’s stamina or hunger levels are low. Everything is done by visual indicators such as color. Even though there are going to be color indicators for health and other info, the game looks like it’s going to be very color-blind friendly. Roleplaying fans will also mourn the fact that there’s no skill tree, weapons, or even a HUD.

This looks to be just a game with very story-driven gameplay. It’s a good change of pace for those who just want to relax with their significant other rather than killing zombies or soldiers.

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