Halo Infinite

Game Description

Master Chief is moving back to Halo Infinite; the next chapter in the iconic series launching on the 2020 party. Designed by 343 industries, Halo Infinite continues the story of Halo 5, Guardians, for the whole Xbox Family, including Project Scarlett and Windows PC. Ambitious and unforeseen guidance provided by the new engine Slipspace.

Halo: Infinite is a first-person game-the first science fiction franchise shooter created by Bungie Studios, continued by 343 Industries. The platforms Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and Xbox Series X will be exclusive. The game is produced and published by 343 Industries and Xbox Software Studios. The title is a continuation of Halo 5: Guardians.

However, the game was cataloged as a digital overhaul of Halo series by 343 industries. On June 10 2018, a demo of the new game engine named Slipspace Engine was officially announced at Electronic Entertainment Expo 2018. A year after the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2019, a second lead was announced to demonstrate that the play would come available at the same time as the current Microsoft Xbox X Series console by the end of 2020.

According to the new report, Halo Infinity will be an open space title, enabling you to ride the walls and load two arms simultaneously. It will also include a double hop, modern viewfinder features and the freedom to drive in various vehicle classes. This also suggested that other changes were to be concealed in the setting for the Master Chief and that the hero will use a computer to know about the environment he visits.