Halloween Brings The Necroids Species To Stellaris

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Halloween Brings The Necroids Species To Stellaris
Halloween Brings The Necroids Species To Stellaris

Paradox Interactive is bringing a species from the other side of the galaxy to haunt us with their belief that death is not the end of our journey.

The Date Announcement Trailer For Stellaris: Necroids Species Pack

On October 21st, Paradox Interactive released an announcement trailer letting Stellaris fans know that the Necroids will be here just in time for Halloween. This pack is for players who don’t mind exploring the darkest reaches of the galaxy to see who or what inhabits it and the dangers they could face.

What Are The Necroids?

The Necroids are an intelligent species that form a sort of cult empire of undead armies. They believe death is the beginning of a new journey as they reanimate the dead to do their bidding.

What Is Coming With The Necroids Species Pack?

The Stellaris: Necroids Species Pack will bring:

  • 16 brand-new portraits
  • New set of ships
  • New voiceover for advisor
  • New diplomacy room and a city set
  • New lists of names
  • New cosmetics for buildings
  • New Origin – Necrophage

Are you ready to explore the outer reaches of Stellaris? Stellaris: Necrosis Species Pack will be available on October 29th, just in time for Halloween. Are you planning on seeing what the Necroids have in store for the galaxy?

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