Guides and Tricks to Finish Final Fantasy VII Remake Chapter 9

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Final Fantasy VII Remake
Final Fantasy VII Remake

After completing the previous chapter “Guides and Tricks to Finish Final Fantasy VII Remake Chapter 8 and Boss” and meeting Aeris again. She will lead us to District 7 along a path quite packed with content: District 6, the Wall Market.

Even so, before getting there, we must go through a path full of enemies and some puzzles. We tell you all the details of this curious episode.

Chapter 9: District of Lust

The first thing we must do as we go through the ruined passage is to operate a robotic arm to allow Aeris to climb up and down the ladder to continue us as well. Up there, we face an annihilator and collect 2 ultraporations from a chest.

We continue until we find another robotic arm, and this time we must do something different. First, move a red container to the right and make Aeris climb there to find a matter. After that, we can take her to the normal place to continue until we find a vending machine with the song 22: Cosmo Canyon.

After finishing with a few thugs, we will reach the third and last robotic arm. On this occasion, we must first move the cargo trunk to the other yellow area and change arms (pressing triangle) to move another cargo on top of the one we just moved.

Thus, Aeris can be picked up by the second robotic arm to reach the end of the room. If we want to collect the blue matter that is in the place of the minigame, we must first send the first shipment to the raised area on the right-hand side.

When we advance enough, we will arrive at the park, where we will see a scene. Shortly afterwards, we will come to the Mercado Muro.

Once there, we can freely move around the place. Then, we can find a store (in front of the neon sign of “Potion Juice” where a song is sold: 10. Honeybee inn.

We will find another one on a raised terrace near the inn of the Bee: 17. Farm Boy. It will be given to us by a girl dressed as a cowgirl. In a nearby secret alley, we found a protective green material. Another song can be found in the karaoke bar that is going up to Don Corneo’s palace: 29. The Midgar Blues and by a nearby alley there is a jukebox with 8. Under the Rotting Pizza.

When we want to continue with the primary mission, we approach Don Corneo’s mansion. However, we discover that we will not be able to enter unless we have a letter of recommendation from the triumvirate: the leader of the Posada de la Abeja, Sam, the expert in chocobos, and Madame M.

Therefore, we should talk to all three. We must try the first two and leave Madame M and her suggestive messages for the end. To earn your trust, we must purchase the deluxe 3000 Gil massage. After that, the mission will begin to prepare us to go to enter the mansion of Don Corneo.

We signed up for the Corneo Colosseum Cup of Battles to participate in a series of fights (4 rounds). We can rest and have a mysterious drink in the waiting room where Johnny is before going out to the battlefield. To beat the ” Hell House ” of extra combat, we recommend using ice and other magical attacks to counter your elemental barrier depending on the type you are currently using: Cold vs. Fire / Wind vs Lightning and vice versa. Besides, we can also use Summons.

When we win the matches, we are going to talk to Madame M who will help Aeris transform through a dress, makeup and more. Meanwhile, we take Cloud to talk to Sam again, and he will ask us to fulfill a series of assignments (side missions):

  • The king of squats: In the gym, we can face a certain Ronnie in a squat duel. There are various awards for the three categories: Cadet (3 omnipociones), NCO (a lucky matter ) and Veterano (A champion belt). So, it is worth doing all three challenges.
  • Don’t let the party stop: It is a mission made up of a series of conversations around the entire Mercado Muro. First, we talk to the tailor’s son to ask us to speak with his drunk father at the nearby bar. He will tell us that he owes a debt to the commodity vendor, and upon arrival, he will ask us to get something special out of a vending machine. We do it, and it will guide us to the cook.

We talked to him and used as reference the highest level material we have to pass the test. With the coupon, you give us we go to the pharmacy. If we pass the test (we need to have a purifying material), we can help the pharmacist bring medicine to a man who is in the bathroom of the bar. In exchange for the favor, he will give us a VIP Pass. Then, we can give it to the tailor to finish the mission.

  • An Explosive Body: After completing the previous two commissions, Sam will ask us to go to the Colosseum. Once there, we select “special round”, and we will have to face two Bom that will explode, causing a great wave of damage if we do not finish them quickly.

To do this, we recommend using Ice magic and attacks with our primary weapon until it is weakened (before it explodes). In exchange, Sam will give us a magic stick for Aeris.

When we are ready, we can go to the palace of Corneo to see a scene. After that, we will have to overcome a dance challenge at the Posada de la Abeja before returning to the mansion and seeing that they have set us up.

In the waiting room, we can buy song 11—Don of the Slums at the vending machine. After the scene, we will have control of Aeris. We can go downstairs to finish off some thugs and go through some boxes to find a ring of fury in a chest.

When we go upstairs and go to the center room, we will see a scene, and we will leave the place towards the Sewers.

Image credits: Square Enix

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