Guides and Tricks to Finish Final Fantasy VII Remake Chapter 8 and Boss

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After completing the previous mission, “Guides and Tricks to Finish Final Fantasy VII Remake Chapter 7 and Boss“, we will fall from the platform of the heights to sector 5, where we will meet Aeris. There will be no time to speak quietly, as Reno and his soldiers will soon break into the room.

To defeat them, we must first kill these minions before going for the boss. To end it, we must wait for the right moment to attack, since there will be times when it will return all attacks.

Also, ranged magic like Piro and Cross Cut limit are essential to beat this match. Once we win, we can escape from the place with Aeris. We tell you all the details of this chapter as part of this complete guide from Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Chapter 8: The Flower Of The Reunion

Once inside this room, we can find an energetic yellow matter if we look on the floor of the room on the right-hand side of the stairs. Afterwards, we have to go up and help Aeris (throwing the chandelier as we climb up the ceiling there) to be able to escape together.

The next section is through the roofs. And once down, we must take the path on the right to reach the station. Once there we will see a vending machine to buy a song: 21. Cait Sith ‘Theme.

We will see a scene in which another Turk appears by helicopter. Therefore, we will have to take an alternative path to reach the center of the neighborhood.

We follow Aeris and finish with the Toxirratas that we meet until we reach a closed-door to which we can return later. We push a cargo drawer to be able to advance to an area where some Espins will attack us. Before continuing on the main staircase, we can go up to a secondary one and prepare by some bars placed on the ceiling to find a chest with a dark bracelet inside.

We continue until an enemy robot emerges and in that area, we look at the mission marked point (on the map) to go to the opposite side. We then climb some ladders and thus be able to unlock the door before. To continue, we must move the container and go through the roof bars, opening the door to Aeris and finally reaching our goal after following her for a while, her home.

After delivering the flowers to the orphanage, we can freely roam the city. We recommend going to the material store and buying the song 19—Costa del Sol. We will also find Chadley, with whom we can talk from now on to face a series of “virtual battle drills” with which to obtain improvements for the materials he sells.

Once we talk to Oates (the boy Aeris introduced us to earlier), we can go back to the orphanage and meet Aeris to follow the little one. Next, we must save a couple of children from monsters, something that you must not forget. After doing so, new side missions will be unlocked:

  • The mysterious moguri bazaar
  • The Childish Patrol
  • Killing Machine
  • The splinter
  • El Ángel de la Barriada
  • The Monsters in the Cemetery

Boss: Rude

When we complete all the side missions, we can head back to Aeris’ house to meet the other Turk on the way: Rude.

His main weakness is aero, and otherwise, it is a fight similar to Reno’s, although this time he will attack us with kicks of metal sticks and lightning strikes. It is not too complicated if we block his most direct attacks and execute various abilities and limits whenever possible.

At the end of the fight, we go to Aeris’ house. Also, if we have completed the secondary missions, we will be able to see a secret scene and collect an ethereal matter.

After resting at home, we should go out at night without being heard, so we must move very slowly. As we move through the area, the chapter will end, and we can continue to the next one: Guides and Tricks to Finish Final Fantasy VII Remake Chapter 9

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