Guides and Tricks to Finish Final Fantasy VII Remake Chapter 7 and Boss

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Finish Final Fantasy VII Remake
Finish Final Fantasy VII Remake

After having completed the previous chapter, “Guides and Tricks to Finish Final Fantasy VII Remake Chapter 6“, we will finally reach Mako reactor number 5. We will have to advance until we reach the reactor core where we can place the bomb.

Along the way, we will meet some annihilators and other types of enemy robotic turrets, so you already know how to deal with them because it is not the first time you see them. Now, we will explain how to successfully overcome this chapter and the fight against the boss that awaits us.

Chapter 7: Infiltration into Reactor Number 5

After placing the bomb, we will realize that Shinra has set a trap for us, so we must escape from the place as quickly as possible. To do so, we beat a few soldiers and advance to the next room, where we must find a card to access the control terminal.

This card is located on top of a trunk situated on the left side of the room, and we can use it in the terminal on the other side to ” divert unit M ” and thus make things easier for us in the coming combat.

In the next room, we will only find a card. We can use it to sabotage dangerous “brutal bomb” projectiles or the AI ​​cores, something that will reduce the options in which the robot can launch its Digital Rays (which stun). The choice is yours. Still, in our case, we recommend deactivating the projectiles because their attack power is much higher than that of lightning, and they can kill us if they reach us.

In the third room, we will have only one card and three-terminal options that will be the previous three that we have already seen. On this occasion, we recommend deactivating the digital rays (AI core), since it is the option that we had not yet touched.

Still, if you want to weaken BB shells or M unit further, you can. Later we find a chest with sonic fists inside, which we can equip Tifa before continuing to go up to the fourth and last room where we can savor the boss. Here we will find two cards (one on top of a trunk and one on the floor, in a corner). We can use them to disable what we want, but in our case, we opted for an AI core and BB shells.

We continue climbing, and we finish with various enemies until we reach a control room where we will have to coordinate with Tifa and Barret to activate a series of levers at the same time. Once we do it, we can repeat the action (in several sequences) in the terminal of the same room to open the door to the warehouse and find a thaumaturgical material there (increases the magic by 5%). Once ready, we can continue to the next room and rest, in addition to buying a song: 2.Bombing Mission in the vending machine.

Boss: Self Destroyer

This great robot has as its weakness and effective damaging state the lightning. So, whenever we can, we must launch the magic linked to this element. As with other robots, it has an immunity to changes in state effects, so we should not spend time or effort to cast spells of this type. What we must do is dodge their most powerful attacks. We will see them arrive, so it will give us time to hide on the sides of the walkway.

On the other hand, when he places a lightning barrier with his arms separated from the body, it will be enough for us to weaken one of them utilizing remote magic (Piro and others). In the battle phase, where the boss is at a significant distance, we must attack with Barret and summon one of our summonses to assist us in combat. Once we have completed the battle, the chapter will end, and we can continue the adventure with the next one, “Guides and Tricks to Finish Final Fantasy VII Remake Chapter 8 and Boss“.

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