Guides and Tricks to Finish Final Fantasy VII Remake Chapter 6

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We continue with our mission in the rector after having finished the previous one, “Guides and Tricks to Finish Final Fantasy Remake VII Chapter 5 and Boss“. There is a rest section in which we can recover our HP and Stamina points, in addition to acquiring the healing items that we need.

We are in section G, and we must continue following Tifa and Barrett. We must follow them until we can open the door that gives us access to a more open and somewhat labyrinthine area.

Chapter 6: The neighborhood sun

Once inside, what you need to do is move forward and to the left until you can climb some stairs. In the area, we will find a blue matter that we will not be able to reach until later.

Once we go through the fans, we will check that to operate the lifting platform we need the power of 3 generators. It is not too difficult to find them. However, if we get lost, we can always consult the map and go forward through the areas that are not yet marked on it (those not explored). This is to know where we should go next.

By deactivating the first generator, we can move a platform to reach the area where light generator 2 in section H is located. Remember that to finish off the turrets that we find along the way. We have Barret and its useful Burst.

By turning off the second generator, we can continue until we reach the section where the third and last one is located. We advance until we find some ladders that descend to the right, where we will find a pair of queen Toximantis.

If we move the footbridge from the bottom, we can get to the blue matter that we saw before. It is an elementary subject. The item allows additional damage to be inflicted, obtaining resistance to the element of the related matter (igneous, icy, electric or wind).

Before going back to the upper floor, we can go back to the walkway that we have crossed and lower it until it can no longer descend to collect the purple matter (ethereal, increases the maximum PM by 10%) that was hidden there.

We go back upstairs and turn off the third generator to be able to return and finally activate the transport platform at the beginning. To guide us, we must follow the sign that says H-01.

Of course, before taking the target platform, we can use the smallest one located next to a rest area to reach some ladders that take us to a room where we can stop the fans from before and buy a song on a machine: 18. Electric from Chocobo.

Once we deactivate the system, we will have a minute to clean the adjoining room of enemies and use the terminal on the other side of the room before time runs out. If we do it successfully (we can try as many times as we want), we will be able to go to the other side and collect the summoning matter Chocobo and Moguri.

Finally, we return to the main loading platform and heal before continuing. Later, we will find a few turrets with which we can quickly finish if we use Barrett for ranged attacks and Tifa and Cloud for those that are in a nearby land.

Soon, we will meet Biggs, who will give us an assault weapon. Therefore, we can equip it for Barrett and get some hook pistols to continue advancing throughout the next level. We continue onto the next guide: “Guides and Tricks to Finish Final Fantasy VII Remake Chapter 7 and Boss

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