Guides and Tricks to Finish Final Fantasy VII Remake Chapter 4 and Boss

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Final Fantasy VII Remake
Final Fantasy VII Remake

After finishing the previous chapter, “Guides and Tricks to Finish Final Fantasy Remake VII Chapter 3“, we must accompany the Avalanche members on their new night mission. The first thing we will do is drive a motorcycle with new movement controls.

We have to pass through a series of tunnels and destroy motorized enemies. We explain everything below as part of this complete guide to the game.

Chapter 4: Midnight Mission

We recommend looking at the controls and learning them because they change from when Cloud is on the ground. We can attack with our sword the motorcycle soldiers who are closest to us. It can be either with a square for the left part or the right part.

We can also perform a more powerful attack when it is charged, and if we hold down L1, we can launch a light wave of these characteristics to enemies that are further away. If we endure long enough, we will meet a more powerful enemy that will make things difficult for us.

Boss: Roche (phase 1)

To end this enemy, we will have to follow a strategy similar to the one we have had with the other soldiers riding motorcycles. But this time, we must monitor their electrical attacks and observe where Roche is at all times.

This action is to prevent him from falling and getting a lot of damage. On the other hand, we recommend using the special attack “the distance light wave” to launch a slash at him from behind or wait for him to stand next to us.

Therefore, we can hit him directly with our melee sword. We cannot heal ourselves while driving, so we only have dodges at our disposal.

Once the fight is over, and after a scene, we will finally reach the residential area of ​​sector 7. There we must advance to Jessie’s parents’ house.

While she distracts her, we have to sneak in through the back door and pick up an employee card from Shinra from his father’s yellow work suit (in the corner). We can also read a letter and see some photos of Jessie in detail before leaving the room.

After being outside, we advance until we reach the warehouse and discover that something is wrong. Before following our companions, we can inspect the right side of the place to find a chest with two ultrapotions and descend some stairs to find an area in which to train, optionally.

We can also rest on a bench or buy healing items from the vending machine next to it. We must not forget to equip the summoning material in our weapon before continuing with the adventure. This is when we do, we will have to face various waves of enemies (with soldiers, sentinels with shield, dogs, and two annihilators) before the boss arrives again.

Boss: Roche (phase 2)

This time we will face him hand to hand and using our swords. It is a simple confrontation if we manage to block or dodge their straight cuts.

If we have reserved the summon, we can use it now. However, it should not be necessary if we use our abilities, magic, and the Crosscut limit effectively and appropriately.

Once the battle is over, we will return to the Sector 7 Neighborhood, and Wedge will indicate where the Avalanche members live. When we can rest in our apartment, Tifa will come to say hello, and after a while, she will wake us up suddenly because enemy Ecos are attacking the neighborhood.

To defeat them, we must attack non-stop and cast magic and abilities whenever possible. After a while, we will see a scene, and we can continue to the next mission: Guides and Tricks to Finish Final Fantasy Remake VII Chapter 5 and Boss.

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