Guides and Tricks to Finish Final Fantasy VII Remake Chapter 2

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Final Fantasy VII Remake Chapter 2 Tricks to Finish
Final Fantasy VII Remake Chapter 2 Tricks to Finish

After the explosion of the first reactor, “Guide to Finish Final Fantasy VII Remake Chapter 1 and the Boss“, we must follow the members of Avalanche through sector 8. As we advance, we will find a chest with two potions.

A little later, Jessie will not be given a healing material that we can equip in the mortal sword that we carry. We continued down the only possible path until we saw a scene where Sephiroth first appears, and we have to keep having passed us through ruined buildings and flames.

Later, we will also meet Aeris, and we recommend asking him how much the flower sells us. This way, we can unlock a route with it for later. We detail the rest of the chapter as part of this complete guide to the game.

Chapter 2: Fateful Encounters

Once we finish with the series of enemies that our encounter on the street has come, we can collect purple matter from the ground (next to a parked car) and continue to meet more enemies. In the Plaza de la Fuente, we will face other soldiers and a helicopter that shoots us from the air.

Once we clean the area, we can continue on a ladder to the next area. There we will meet some soldiers who carry shields whom we can knock down if we use Piro magic.

Near the end of Chapter 2, we will meet the next boss of the game. The second chapter boss does not even seem like a final boss. However, it is more resistant than the rest of the sentries that haunt the area.

Captain Gonga: tips and tricks to defeat him

  • Main Attacks: Shield Charge, Stun Slap.
  • Weaknesses: Piro and other magic, as well as attacks from behind.
  • Strengths: frontal attacks (will be protected with the shield).

It is an enemy somewhat more durable than the Sentinels who patrol the street that also carries a large shield. He is dressed in red, and to finish him off in the most effective way; we must use the Piro magic and fill our BTC bar when attacking other soldiers around.

If we manage to tire him, we can end him much easier because he will be more vulnerable for a limited time.

Of course, we cannot attack from the front due to the large shield that protects it. Even so, we can try to somersault and get behind him. However, the most effective thing is always to fill our magic bar and attack with Piro. Thanks to this, we will get him fatigue with a single spell cast. If we are in distress, we can also use the ” Grenades ” Item to deal explosive damage to it and buy time to recover and raise the BTC bar.

Once we succeed, we only have to see new kinematics to get to the train and be able to see a scene, talk to the Avalanche colleagues and finish the chapter to continue with the next one: Guides and Tricks to Finish Final Fantasy Remake VII Chapter 3.

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