Guides and Tricks to Finish Final Fantasy VII Remake Chapter 18 and Boss

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Final Fantasy VII Remake Guide 18
Final Fantasy VII Remake Guide 18

After passing chapter 17, “Guides and Tricks to Finish Final Fantasy VII Remake Chapter 17 and Boss“, we finally get to the ending of the Final Fantasy VII Remake story. We have already faced a series of dangerous battles, but there is still fabric to cut. Below, we offer you a detailed tour of the episode and various tips to finish this work.

Chapter 18: Destiny’s Crossroads

The first thing we should do in this chapter is to go through a new combat phase while driving. Remember that we must press the L1 + triangle to launch a LightWave and thus reach the enemies that are further away. Beyond this, we must move away from the line of fire started by the enemies of the van. When we finish with it, we will leave the tunnel, and soon a boss with an unknown name will arrive.

It is a large metal mass that will not stop shooting at us and making things difficult for us. To overcome it, we must use our unique ability to damaged it. After that, hit him as much as possible to take his life.

As soon as the road is filled with electrical zones, we must avoid them, since they will take away a lot of life if they reach us. Beyond this, we should avoid his attacks as much as possible and continue to weaken him, as we will not be able to heal ourselves throughout the battle.

Once we overcome the area of ​​the road, we can rest and prepare for the final battle. We must equip ourselves with our most reliable materials and improve our weapons to the maximum since we are going to need it.

Final boss: omen/ Whisper Harbinger (Whisper Bahamut)

The first phase of this battle is against three “Omens”: crimson, vital, and withering. There will be several phases interspersed with action-packed escape scenes in which we have to move to avoid attack by enemy omens.

Its color indicates that magic to which they are immune and absorb it (Pyro, Ice, and Electro, respectively), and that is why we must avoid it. Beyond this, we have to attack with all our arsenal until they fall one by one and thus injure the great one.

In the next phase of the battle, we will have Cloud, Aeris, and Tifa. Then, we will have to face an Echo of Bahamut with the help of an invocation and various elemental magic that can hurt them.

Boss: Sephiroth

We will face 1 to 1 against Sefirot. It is an extremely fast enemy that we will have to face directly, using our sword, special abilities, and limits. We can also deploy some magic, but we recommend to cast quickly so you do not lose a moment to our opponent since he will take advantage of it to weaken us and put us against the sword and the wall. Therefore, we must also monitor our health at all times and see that it does not reach critical levels.

When we see that he is covered and has a prepared posture, we must avoid attacking him. It is because he will launch an automatic burst of damaging cuts.

After the credit sequences, there is still much to do. Now you can select chapters, or play in Hard mode to get trophies, Combat Manuals, and complete all available secondary content.

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