Guides and Tricks to Finish Final Fantasy VII Remake Chapter 17 and Boss

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When we wake up (after completing the previous chapter, “Guides and Tricks to Finish Final Fantasy VII Remake Chapter 16 and Boss“) in Aeris’ small room in these facilities, we can pick up a metal cane from a chest and talk to our friends before planning our escape from the Shinra building. We recommend preparing thoroughly, improving your weapons and skills, and equipping the right materials before leaving the room. We tell you all about it as part of this complete guide to Final Fantasy VII remake.

Chapter 17: Escape from Chaos

After a little battle and a few scenes, we will find ourselves taking Cloud. Then, we will have the mission of going up to the top to meet our companions and reach the roof.

We advance among the capsules of experiments, and we find a toxic matter along the way. Soon, we will meet with Red XIII, who acts as an uncontrollable member of the group and will help us in combat, but we will not be able to modify his equipment any other of its parameters.

It will also help us advance through the level. We will soon find Barret, who will help us to destroy a series of enemy robots. When we leave the room, we will see a chest with a twin leaf for Cloud. Soon, we find Aeris and Tifa.

We change groups and move to control the latter. We must advance until we can operate a lever that will allow the other group to continue progressing. When we arrive in front of the central terminal, we can collect the temporary green matter that we saw before and open the door to zone 3 so that the girls can advance.

We have to make our way through a series of fights against Zenene and other dangerous creatures until we leave and provide a way to follow our companions, through area 2. There we have to face two Zenene, and after that, we advance to find a chest with a mystical hoop. Later, after some fights with various robots, we see a scene with Hojo, and we can continue advancing until we find another chest with the elemental hoop.

After overcoming a room with brains that will attack us with toxic magic, we can rest in a safe place before continuing. Red XIII will fall, and Tifa and Aeris will hasten to get to their position before their life bar drops to help them. When we clear the enemy area, we can advance to the central terminals to unlock area 4, so Cloud and Barret can access it.

Boss: Cienfilos

The best way to finish off this robotic centipede is to cast magic from a distance and shoot at it at all times with Barret and his Burst. Also, if we have the Morpheus material, we can put him to sleep and attack him directly with Cloud to cause him a significant weakness.

After managing to take half his life, the enemy will move and will reach Tifa and Aeris. They will have to finish it off with a strategy similar to theirs, but this time using the Old Woman to attack from a distance.

Once the battle is over, we will be able to advance through the elevator, gather together and advance together to the roof. There we will hear a voice asking for help. Over there, we will have to go outside through the hole near which Tifa is located. We will see the President of Shinra hanging from the edge, and we will see a scene before facing the final boss of this chapter.

Boss: Genoa Alpha/ Jenova

This is one of the hardest bosses in the game, so you better be prepared. It does not have considerable vulnerabilities, but it does have many immunities. So, it is not very useful to cast magic that causes adverse effects, since it will not work.

The most useful thing is to focus on its tentacles before going for it, throw limits at it and summon an invocation when possible. Beyond this, we will have to endure well into the battle to be able to injure it and thus load its vulnerability bar seriously.

We recommend protecting yourself with Barrier and having a character (better Aeris) dedicating your stamina bar to heal or revive others. If we coordinate well and avoid the most powerful attacks by Jénova, we will be able to win and advance to yet another battle, so we must be prepared again.

Boss: Rufus Shinra and Tiniebla

In this case, we recommend ending the dog, Tiniebla first. It is because it will be easier to go for the son of the President of Shinra in this way. Despite being alone with Cloud, it will not be a very complicated battle if you look at the moment when he throws the coins into the air, to prevent the rays that they produce from reaching us. If we manage to execute a limit and chain various abilities, we will be able to overcome and pass control to the other group of companions.

Boss: Hectocannoneer/ The Arsenal

This great metallic robot will attack Barret, Aeris, and Red XIII. It has enormous resistance, and the first thing we have to do is kill all the small robots that float around it. It is because they are in charge of repairing and strengthening the main one. We can use ranged attacks and Summons to turn the tables in our favor. Attacking is also essential as soon as we see your attack charging, as it will be vulnerable for a limited time and can cause fatigue.

Beyond this, we must be vigilant in the last phase of the battle to hide behind the column as soon as we see a laser beam begin to charge. After winning, we only have to see a scene to finish the chapter and continue with the next and last, “Guides and Tricks to Finish Final Fantasy VII Remake Chapter 18 and Boss“.

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