Guides and Tricks to Finish Final Fantasy VII Remake Chapter 16 and Boss

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Final_Fantasy VII Remake
Final_Fantasy VII Remake

So, you have overcome the previous episode, “Guides and Tricks to Finish Final Fantasy VII Remake Chapter 15 and Boss“, by climbing to the height of the platform. Now, we will have finally arrived at the doors of the Shinra building.

Starting here, it will not be an easy adventure since a large number of soldiers, and other traps await us to stop our feet. So, let’s begin

Chapter 16: The Belly of the Beast

If we advance through the metal platform, we can get to a rest area in which to recover from the previous battle before starting our infiltration plan to the Shinra building. After a scene, we will arrive at the garages, and we will have to face a series of soldiers and guard dogs to make our way to the lobby of the building.

Once there, we will have to access the reception to find an access card. It allows us to access the elevators or the stair area. Even so, it will not be easy, since we must take control of Tifa and climb the lamps to sneak around the top of the lobby. There will be a moment when we fall to some sofas, and we will have to continue with the light platform climbing again to the heights from a car that is at the bottom.

When we finally get the access card at the reception, we will have to decide whether to go by the elevators or by the stairs. If we do the latter, we will lose a lot of time since it is 59 floors. Even so, if we choose the fast elevator track, several soldiers will wait for us every few floors. So, we will have to decide whether we prefer Barret’s complaints about the slight waste of time or face many enemies.

FF7Remake Specimen Orig
FF7Remake Specimen Orig

Once at the top, we have to go to the reception to speak with a hologram and update our business cards. Thus, we can go up a few more floors and see some exhibitions about Shinra and Midgar.

After a few scenes and talking to the mayor, we will have to find the Avalancha sympathizer and say, “the mayor.” If he answers “the best,” he is our man. To have some extra clue, we can pay Hart the sum of 10,000G. It will tell us that the man in question is well dressed and will be in the rest area. Besides, he will give us a “gunpowder heart,” a weapon for Barret.

To get to the right man, we must go up to the 23rd floor and use the card on the door on the right-hand side of the sofas where people are looking at a screen. Once inside, we go up until we reach a ” combat simulator, “at whose door the sympathizer awaits us.

To earn their trust, we must go in and fight. When you leave, you will give us the card on the 64th floor, and we can go there. Before we do, we can talk to Chadley and find a jukebox nearby with song 31. Scarlet’s Theme and a bench to rest. After that, a series of somewhat guided sequences and scenes await us.

Boss: Specimen H0512

It is a powerful creature created in the laboratory of Shinra’s science and development department. It will mutate throughout combat and has no particularly notable weaknesses, so we have to keep attacking with everything we have in our arsenal. Besides, we can use summons, destroy her minions, and each of her limbs to weaken her little by little. It is a very complicated fight but not impossible if we are persistent and take care of our health at all times.

Once the combat is over, we will be able to continue, and we will have to face other soldiers and battleships before we can finally meet Aeris and meet Red XIII. After a few scenes, the chapter will eventually end, and we can continue to the next one, “Guides and Tricks to Finish Final Fantasy VII Remake Chapter 17 and Boss“.

Image credits; Square Enix

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