Guides and Tricks to Finish Final Fantasy VII Remake Chapter 15 and Boss

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After completing the previous chapter, “Guides and Tricks to Finish Final Fantasy VII Remake Chapter 14 and Boss“, we can continue with this one that is already entering the final stretch of Final Fantasy VII Remake. The first thing we have to do is climb the entire ruined structure to reach the top of the platform.

We tell you everything in detail below as part of this complete guide to the game.

Chapter 15: The Day Midgar Stood Still

When we have advanced enough, we will find a small rest area with a vending machine in which to buy song number 5—lurking in the Darkness. We continue climbing with the help of our hook pistols.

To know at what point we can shoot it, we have to look at what’s around the screen and press the triangle. Ropes can also guide us on the ground, which will help us discover a scaffold in which we find a chest with a magician’s bracelet.

A little further up, we will find an annoying flying turret that shoots multiple bursts of bullets at us, and we have to advance through a series of covers at the moment it stops reloading. We keep moving forward, and we will meet other types of enemy robots that make a constant area of ​​ice around them.

To finish them off, the best thing to do is Piro shoot, various attacks from a distance, and take advantage of the moment they stop “expulsion waves” to get closer and smash them with a melee attack. Later, we find a rest area to recover.

Boss: Helimetralleta

After climbing to the platform that leads to the Shinra building, in Chapter 15, we will meet a more significant threat that will make things quite tricky for us at the last moment. It is another great robot created by Shinra.

It has a metallic body. So, the beam will be one of our main allies. We tell you a series of tips and tricks to face it

  • Main Attacks: Type 99 Suppression Burst, Type 99 Suppression Projectiles, Nepalm Bombardment, Noxious Gas Grenades, Artillery Deployment
  • Weaknesses: Electro and Aero (lightning and air).
  • Strengths: Immune to state-altering magic (Sleep, Confusion, Paralysis, etc.).

It is a flying robot equipped with a massive cannon through which it launches grenades and bombs that cause harmful states. The attacks that most quickly fill your vulnerability bar are melee physics and lightning or wind element magic.

His limiter deactivation ability makes it more difficult to fill his bar. So we must continue attacking to prevent him from executing this strategy for a long time. We will also be able to use summons in the second part of the battle. So, do not miss the opportunity to launch your most powerful creature.

Beyond this, I only advise that you prepare when it launches bursts of bullets against you. So you have enough healing items to heal and recover when it launches, for example, the attack two noxious gas grenades, which will cause us a dangerous state of poisoning.

After defeating it, the chapter will end, and we can advance to the next, “Guides and Tricks to Finish Final Fantasy VII Remake Chapter 16 and Boss“.

Image Credits; Square Enix

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