Guides and Tricks to Finish Final Fantasy VII Remake Chapter 14 and Boss

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final fantasy vii remake
final fantasy vii remake

After completing the previous chapter, “Guides and Tricks to Finish Final Fantasy VII Remake Chapter 13 and Boss“, we will arrive at Aeris’ mother’s house again. Here, we will see a series of scenes before leaving the place in the morning.

Our mission is to rescue Aeris from the clutches of Shinra, so we can already prepare to do so. Once we have control of Cloud, we can go a little bit around the garden until we find a purple pedometer. Below, we detail all the steps in this chapter and the secrets it hides as part of this complete guide to Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Chapter 14: In Search of Hope

Before proceeding to the Shinra building, where for the final stretch of the game, we can complete up to 9 more side missions to assist the surviving citizens of the disaster:

  • The wandering patrol: The Hogar Fonda teacher will ask us to look for the missing children in the area. Specifically, they are in the cemetery, so we will have to go there and finish with a few ghosts to free them and put them safely.
  • In Choco-Search and Capture: One of the Chocobo keepers will ask us to retrieve three of the lost creatures. To do this, we will have to explore the area and give them gyshal vegetables when we see them. The first one is located in the alley area of ​​the landfill, shortly after leaving the cemetery behind. The second is on Avenida de la Paz, on the way to the Church. The last one can be found at the bottom of the collapsed highway (at the bottom). When we complete the mission, Sam will give us an unlimited pass to use the rapid transportation of the chocobos at no cost.
  • Don Corneo’s caches: The journalist will ask us to recover the key to Don Corneo’s secret rooms that the Angel of the slum has stolen. We have to go back to his hiding place to find Mireia, who will guide us to Kyrie (in the church). After exceeding his requirements (fighting for her in the Colosseum), he will give us the key of Don Corneo. From then on, we can open all the closed doors marked with a golden symbol that until now were closed. We must find 3 to complete the mission: at the entrance of the collapsed highway (with a diamond tiara and two moguri medals), on Mount Rust(with a yellow prayer material, a tiara, 4 stimulants, 1 ruby ​​tiara, 2 maiden kisses, 3000G and many moguri medals) and at the Old Sewage Discharge Control Point (at the end, in ” Old spill control point “) accessed from the Don Corneo Palace (with an elixir, a frog ring, and an emerald tiara).
  • Thief on the run: Johnny will ask us to find Kyrie and lead us to the church area. Once we talk to her, she will ask us to go to the Colosseum to fight in her place, and in return, she will give us Johnny’s wallet and Don Corneo’s key.
  • The man with the machine gun: When talking to Madame M, he will warn us that some men from Corneo have gone to Aeris’ house in search of Barret, so we will have to go there immediately to check that everything is fine. Once in the area, we will meet the thugs, and we will have to face a Tomberi to settle the matter.
  • DJ Betty: At Wall Market, little Betty will ask us to bring her various songs that we have collected. The key will be to go to the inn that is right next door and talk to the older man to give us song 16. Good night, Until tomorrow. When playing it on the jukebox, the people around will feel better, and we will have to find 2 more tracks in the area. Next up is 12. Fight On! and it’s in the Colosseum store. The last one is located in the alley on the left-hand side of Posada de la Abeja: 30. Stand Up.
  • The queen of dominated: In the Wall Market gym, Jules proposes to Tifa to face a dominated duel against Andreas. We have to beat him in a minigame with a rhythm similar to squats.
  • Emergency pharmacist: At the entrance to Hogar Fonda, the pharmacist will ask us to gather 3 ingredients. They are the flower that we find on the floor of the church, a Moguri mortar that we can buy for 1 medal in the moguri market (children’s area) and an item that we obtain by defeating a Bégimo Cero in the underground laboratory (accessed from the Parque Verde).
  • The dangers of the subsoil: In the Green Park, Wymer will ask us to finish off some monsters that have invaded the underground laboratory (accessed from the underground passageway of the park itself). We arrived at the deep part of the place, and we faced the Bégimo Cero, first breaking its parts (rear and front legs and horns) to weaken it gradually. Once we beat it, we will have completed the mission.

When we have completed all the side missions (or whatever we want, since in the endgame, we can return to this chapter), we go to the Corneo mansion, and we team up with Leslie to descend to the Sewers. We advance along the path that we previously walked until we reached the open the door to the hideout of Corneo. Soon we will see a rest area with a vending machine to buy the song 13—the Chase.

After seeing a scene in which a monster steals our key, we must chase him through the Sewers. On the way, we find various enemies, some chests, and a toxic green matter. Once the chase and the final battle are over, Leslie will take us to Corneo. After a scene, we will have to face the boss.

Boss: Aps/ Apsu/ Abzu

We face this great Aps again, so you already know what you need to do: weaken each of his limbs to hurt the beast and use various abilities, magic (Piro above all), and limits whenever possible. We can end the small Aps first, something we recommend to clear the area and not be disturbed.

Another detail to take into account is that when the enemy climbs the upper pipe, we must avoid standing on the sides of the area since that is where it will reach if a powerful water attack. When we advance enough we can use invocations, so we strongly recommend doing so.

When we complete the battle, the chapter will end and we will continue to the next. Remember that from this point on, you will no longer be able to complete the pending secondary missions, so you must complete all those that you want to leave lists from here to the final stretch of the game. Here is the last part of the complete guide; Guides and Tricks to Finish Final Fantasy VII Remake Chapter 15 and Boss

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