Guides and Tricks to Finish Final Fantasy VII Remake Chapter 13 and Boss

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FF7Remake Video Game
FF7Remake Video Game

Once we have finished the previous chapter, “Guides and Tricks to Finish Final Fantasy VII Remake Chapter 12“, we will have the mission to regroup with Barret and Tifa and look for Marlene in the Aeris house in sector 5. To get there, we will have to make our way through an entire sector in ruins and through the Mercado Muro, packed with shocked citizens.

 We tell you everything in detail below and as part of this complete guide to Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Chapter 13: A Broken World

Once we pass the Wall Market; what we must do is turn left before continuing to follow Barret to find a chest with a stellar pendant.

We advance to the Aeris house by the only possible path. Over there, we will see a scene, after which we will have to return to sector 7 through the underground passage of the park. On the way there we will meet Chadley (next to the rest bench of sector 5). Here, we will be able to face the invocation of the Fat Chocobo in the simulation to get it for us.

After that, we continue through the section of tunnels and cranes that we already went through in a previous chapter. Having cleared the way, we should only move forward and finish off the enemies we find.

When we reach the next area, where there is a crossed meter, we advance down the left-hand corridor to find a chest with a heraldic protector. A little later, after various fights against thugs, we will find a blue area matter that is not lost.

Soon, we will reach the most open area of ​​the park, and there we can buy the song 15. On Our Way from a seller. From there we can access the underground passageway to continue.

A little later, some rubble will be knocked down, and we will end up in an underground laboratory in Shinra, controlling Barret. We will have to use her arm machine gun to destroy the debris and move on.

We recommend you look at the map to discover what areas we can explore before continuing on the main path. Here, we will find chests with items such as 2000G, two omnipotions or a healing necklace.

Later, we will meet Tifa and at the moment when there are three fans to go through we take the middle one and break a small armored door to access a cage in which to collect a frosty green material. We go up the stairs and repeat the operation in the cage on the right to find a suppressive blue matter. A break room with a vending machine and song 14 awaits us—the main Theme of FINAL FANTASY VII.

Boss: Failed Experiment

This boss will not arrive for a while since, in the beginning, there will be a series of smaller secret specimens that will attack us to make time until the arrival of the big one.

Basically, what we must take into account is that the anonymous subject can hit us with high power, so at all times we must be attentive to our health meter to avoid dying. Beyond this, when Tifa is at the top of the platform, we must finish the minions there while we contain the big one with Barret’s shots from the ground.

Whenever we can, we also launch our limits and one of our summonses when the bar loads. At the end of the battle, we will see a scene and the chapter will finally end, giving rise to the next, Guides and Tricks to Finish Final Fantasy VII Remake Chapter 14 and Boss.

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