Guides and Tricks to Finish Final Fantasy VII Remake Chapter 12

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After completing the previous chapter, “Guides and Tricks to Finish Final Fantasy VII Remake Chapter 11 and Boss“, we can continue advancing towards the pillar to help our fellow Avalanches. To advance, we must make our way through a series of Abyssal Echoes and reach the metal tower.

Only with Cloud, we must climb through it and finish with any enemy of Shinra that comes before us. After a while, we will see a scene with the Turks and change the control to Aeris. We help you complete this chapter as part of this comprehensive guide to Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Chapter 12: Resistance Up!

With Aeris, we will have to go through an extended action scene in which there is only one possible path to the Seventh Heaven. It is where Marlene awaits us.

Over there, we will see kinematics and control will pass back to Cloud. Tifa will arrive right at the place where the protagonist is to help him continue climbing the pillar.

The strategy is the same as before: finish off all the enemies that appear and look for stairs or rubble to cross to continue climbing.

Boss: Reno and Rude

Reno and Rude are two members of the Shinra Turks. They are exclusive agents in suits.

We meet them at various times throughout the adventure, as in FF7R Guide Chapter 8 and FF7R Guide Chapter 12. The first time we meet Reno will be right at the beginning of Chapter 8, in the Church. He will arrive with his soldiers and to defeat them. We must finish these minions first before going for the boss. To end it, we must wait for the right moment to attack, since there will be times when it will be ready to return all attacks. Also, ranged magic like Piro and Cross Cut limit are essential to beat this match.

  • Reno’s main attacks: Clubbing, Electrosphere, Additional mines, Electric baton
  • Rude’s Main Attacks: Oneiric Dust, Pillars of Light, Grab (Immobilizes Us), Down Kick, Telluric Strike
  • Weaknesses: Aero (Rude), Piro (Reno), Electro
  • Strengths: Melee strikes (when blocking)

In chapter 12, we face Reno once again. However, this time will be harder than the first time in chapter 8. It will attack us with a series of abilities powered by the electrical element.

We will have to dodge if we do not want to end up damaged and paralyzed. The most effective way to proceed is to use Barret for ranged attacks and when he is still, hit him with Tifa and Cloud. Magic is not too useful in this case.

Soon after we take a third of his life, Rude will appear with his helicopter to join the battle. To reach him, it is ideal to use Barret and his Burst, in addition to electro magic.

We will take him down, and then we will have to face the two, Reno and Rude, hand-to-hand. At this time, the use of an invocation will be charged.

Therefore, we can use whatever we want to lighten the combat and turn the options in our favor. After the battle, the chapter will end, and we can continue with the story. Forwards to “Guides and Tricks to Finish Final Fantasy VII Remake Chapter 13 and Boss“.

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