Guides and Tricks to Finish Final Fantasy VII Remake Chapter 11 and Boss

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Final Fantasy VII Remake Ghoul
Final Fantasy VII Remake Ghoul

After finishing the previous chapter, “Guides and Tricks to Finish Final Fantasy VII Remake Chapter 10“, we continue with this one. Here, our protagonists will have to face a developing tragedy. We tell you how to overcome each obstacle in the level and where the exciting items and collectibles are hidden in this complete guide to Final Fantasy VII remake.

Chapter 11: Bad Omens

Once we are in the train cemetery, we advance along the only possible path. Then, we get on the car in front of us to go out to an area in whose corner is a purple chest with a mitril stick for Aeris inside.

After passing the area where ghost graffiti appears on the ground, we turn to the left (between trains) to find a stimulating purple material. We keep going until we enter the garage.

Over there, we will face a group of ghosts. These beings react to physical attacks with Shield and magical attacks with Mirror. Therefore, we must look at the ability he is using to attack in one way or another.

When we go up to the upper floor (we can enter through the door of the extra train at the beginning of the area if we wait for a voice to finish speaking), we will see that the crane has no current. Therefore,  our next objective is the control room.

We have to make our way there. On one of the outer sides of the room, we will find song 6. Let the Battles Begin!

When interacting with the monitor in the room, a powerful enemy will appear. It is  Supreme Appearance.

It is an amalgam of phantasmagoric beings weak to fire magic: Piro. As in the other ghosts, we must look at whether it is in its corporeal or incorporeal form to attack with magic, direct attacks or with magic respectively.

When we overcome it, we go back to the crane to get off a train and go outside. However, we are not yet on target.

We must continue advancing along the only possible path. We have to operate the levers to move trains and clear the path. We do this until we find a rest area. After a cinematic scene, we will face the boss of chapter 11.

Boss: Eligor

It is a vindictive spectrum whose being weak on the ice spells. When you are levitating the magical attacks of the wind element will quickly fill your vulnerability bar.

As for jump attacks, they serve to nullify your levitation. We can use Shiva as an ideal summon as soon as his bar charges. It’s not too difficult to finish him off if we focus on attacking almost constantly, switching between our three characters, and dodging when he charges us around the area.

At the end of the battle, the chapter will end, and we can continue to the next; Guides and Tricks to Finish Final Fantasy VII Remake Chapter 12.

Image credits; Square Enix.

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