Guides and Tricks to Finish Final Fantasy VII Remake Chapter 10

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After overcoming the scene of Don Corneo, “Guides and Tricks to Finish Final Fantasy VII Remake Chapter 9 “, we will be in the Sewers. Then, we will have to face Aps, a monstrous pet whose weakness is fire (Piro magic).

We can also take out Ifrit’s summon and execute her unique abilities to cause the enemy to become weak and finish her off. After doing so, we must run to sector 7 to avoid the catastrophe that is about to occur. We tell you all the details as part of this complete guide to the game.

Chapter 10: Sewer Rats

We advance until we reach a flooded area, through which we can cross if we use the lever to open the dam and the water level drops. Once down, we went through the hole in the left-hand door to find some feathered gloves. Going up to the other area, we will see a vending machine with a new song: 9-The Opressed.

We continue, and when we see an intersection, we take the path to the right to reach some boxes containing a Moguri medal. We continue until we reach a dark area, and we enter the room where the switch is located to turn on the generator.

The closed-door we will see in front of that room requires a key, so let’s go for it. We will find it by lowering the water level in the right area (we can see it on the map).

The puppy’s graffiti marks the right place. When we go through the door that was previously closed, we will reach a wide area that will allow us to cross to sector 7.

Still, getting there will not be easy, since there are a series of gates that require lowering the water level, as before. We must also finish off enemies with Morpheus magic, so they can put us to sleep, and we must be careful.

We will find a toxic green matter in the area. We can collect it if we lower the gate in the lower area of ​​which there is metal debris and go up through the upper part of it.

First, we advance towards the previous part to find the matter there. Then, we cross to the other side above the door.

Soon, we will be able to put some platforms on the water and go through it. We will arrive at a somewhat labyrinth area.

To guide us and not to get lost, we recommend you to go looking at the map every time to know the areas that we have already explored. This way, we can advance towards the others to discover chests and other interesting items such as a pair of phoenix earrings. The best item in the area is suppressive blue stuff that we can easily reach.

Later, we will find a water drainage system and taking Aeris. Then, we will have to complete a mini game based on repeating the process indicated in the valve operation instructions for 3 times. Once we do, we can continue, kill a few enemies and finally exit this level to continue with the next; Guides and Tricks to Finish Final Fantasy VII Remake Chapter 11 and Boss.

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