Guide to Finish Final Fantasy VII Remake Chapter 1 and the Boss

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Final Fantasy VII Remake Chapter 1 Guide to Finish
Final Fantasy VII Remake Chapter 1 Guide to Finish

We started our adventure at the point that we could already visit the demo. Cloud arrives at the Mako Reactor number 1. Here, you must kill a couple of soldiers, at which time we will learn the new controls presented by this remake that concerns us.

We will tell you everything in detail as part of this complete guide to Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Chapter 1: A mercenary among insurgents

We continue until we finish with more soldiers and open our first chest, which contains 2 potions. We can find another one with 2 grenades if we look between the boxes on the left side of that same room.

We continue until we talk to our Avalanche companions and see a scene, after which new enemies appear. In that area, we will see a chest with an ether (left hand), and we can continue taking a lifting platform until we face more enemies.

Over there, we will see another chest with a potion, and later we will have a conversation with Barret before entering fully into the Mako 1 reactor.

We continue to open doors and destroy enemies along the way. We recommend destroying all the boxes with Shinra symbols that you see since inside it. You can hide useful items such as Moguri medals, potions, and others.

When we get to an area with turrets shooting at us from a distance, we will need someone who can attack them back. It will be a time when Barret joins our group.

We can directly control it in addition to switching between him and Cloud in all battles. In the next area, a series of laser beam barriers await us that we must avoid when they are not active to cross.

Tips after Passing All Areas

After passing the entire area, we will see a chest with 2 potions. When we finally go down the stairs, we will find an Annihilator (and a chest with an ether if we go next to the stairs).

To end this enemy, we must combine the attacks of Cloud and Barret to cause the fatigued state and deal much more damage to him at once. We continue until we reach the reactor core.

Along the way, we will find some extra Shinra’s chests and boxes. When we have to select the detonation time of the bomb, we recommend setting it to 20 minutes, since we can see an additional scene. Now, the time has come to face the first boss.

Chapter 1 Boss: Guardian Scorpion

It is an autonomous anti-personnel weapon that is shaped like a robotic scorpion. Its main attacks are based on the use of lightning and hitting us directly with his tail.

Therefore, we must dodge it as much as possible while focusing our attacks on his body. It is weaker to fire attacks (Piro magic) and with Barret’s unique burst-shaped shots. So, whenever possible, use them against it.

When a barrier is raised, we must go to its rear and focus our attack on the generator of the barrier to destroy it before continuing to attack us. In its third phase, it will carry a powerful lightning bolt on its tail, and we must hide behind some rubble on the stage to prevent it from reaching us.

If it causes us a great deal of damage, we must remember that we have the potions and healing magic of Barret to heal us. If we die, we can use one of the Phoenix tails we have found on the way here.

Once the battle ends, the countdown will begin. We must go back to the path we have previously followed to leave the place before it explodes. By doing so, we will have completed the first chapter and can continue to the next: Guides and Tricks to Finish Final Fantasy VII Remake Chapter 2

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