Game Description

Godfall is a title of RPG action by counterplay Games and Gearbox for PC and PlayStation 5. It is a looter-slasher-style fighting game set in a luminous fantasy universe filled with heroic knights and hidden magic. It is a fantasy-filled action RPG in which players will engage in intense melee combat.

You can equip your heroes with legendary armor and chase ruthless enemies. Since players face the challenging missions of the Godfall world to fight enemies and bosses, it will offer fans awesome loot after being defeated. You can play the game solo or in cooperative mode with two or three players.

It is a new game where collaboration, action, and magic take on special importance. As they have told during The Game Awards, it is a project that has come true thanks to Epic and Sony. That is why in the PC, it will only come through Epic Games Store. We have already seen in the past how other Gearbox games came through this store, so it does not surprise the good relationship between both companies.

As we can see on the official website, this game places special emphasis on hand-to-hand combat to obtain everything that our enemies release. We will have fire swords, standard one, and different types of armor. There is still much to know about all the final information before your departure.

Up to three friends can join in this adventure. It has not been specified if there is any type of limitation in terms of platforms when it comes to playing, although it will be interesting to see if they bet on Crossplay.

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