Sucker Punch Shares More ‘Ghost Of Tsushima’ Details In New Blog Post

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Sucker Punch ‘Ghost Of Tsushima’ Details of PlayStation and PS4
Sucker Punch ‘Ghost Of Tsushima’ Details of PlayStation and PS4

Development studio Sucker Punch Productions has unveiled more details of its upcoming Ghost Of Tsushima PlayStation exclusive in a new blog post.

Following the Ghost Of Tsushima State Of Play video from earlier this month, developers Nate Fox and Jason Connell from Sucker Punch took part in a Q&A on the official PlayStation blog website earlier this week to unveil additional details of the game.

Ghost Of Tsushima is set in the 13th century and follows Jin Sakai, a samurai warrior, as he defends Tsushima Island from a Mongol invasion. The game features an open-world without waypoints which players can explore and take on enemies via stealth or a head-on approach.

In the blog post, Connell confirmed that the game will feature additional weapons in addition to Jin’s family heirloom katana. As Jin grows throughout the game and becomes a fear samurai warrior known as the Ghost, he will acquire new abilities and weapons such as bows, throwable Kunais, smoke bombs, and other items not yet announced.

Although the game will allow you to select between the honourable samurai and dishonourable Ghost methods of fighting enemies, devs confirmed that the game does not feature a karma system because there’s only “one story” and “one journey for Jin.”

Fox explained: “As for the player making a choice, we want to be clear that there isn’t a binary choice for the player, it’s more about the player having freedom to play through any encounter in the style they prefer and wearing whichever armour they prefer, mixing and matching pieces of different armour sets.”

Day and Night Cycles, Difficulty, and More

Fox and Connell also confirmed that the game will feature a day and night cycle as well as dynamic weather. They said: “There are dynamic weather conditions that you will experience throughout your adventures in Tsushima. Some of them are tied to specific regions to give more flavour and personality to them, while others are tied to story moments.”

Later in the Q&A, Fox stated that the game will feature three difficulty levels; Easy, Normal, and Hard. Under the Hard difficulty, Mongols will be more aggressive and players will be required to pull off precise moves. The Easy setting, meanwhile, will be for players who want to explore the story and island, and want to be “occasionally tested by a worthy opponent.”

Other details confirmed in the video game is that Ghost Of Tsushima features dozens of characters, side stories which players can choose to participate in, and towns. The devs confirmed that Jin will travel on foot or by horse but cannot swim, that there will be specific animals players can harvest upgrade resources from, and that Jin is the only playable character available in the game.

Ghost Of Tsushima will release on the PlayStation 4 on July 17th. Keep checking back for more information on the upcoming action-adventure game and all things gaming.

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