Ghost Of Tsushima

Game Description

At the end of the 13th century, the Mongolian Dynasty destroyed whole nations in its attempt to dominate the East. Tsushima Island is the sole obstacle between Japan’s largest island and General Khotun Khan ‘s massive catastrophic storm.

As Tsushima falls into chaos following the first Mongol attack, Samurai chief Jin Sakai is one of the only members of the clan. Jin is eager to do all he can to defend his people and at all costs get them back home.

The disorder causes him to step on from his traditions and to create a new path, the Way of the Ghost. This step is to fight for the liberation of Tsushima.

You will witness frontline colonial Japan like never before. In this open-world action experience, you can explore the vast plains and vast lands, where you will find deep identities and iconic sites and uncover the cached beauty of Tsushima.

Players must discover the diversity of the island existence beautifully crafted areas, varying from flat fields and silent shrines to ancient trees, settlements and mountain sceneries. In moments of calmness and harmony with nature in moments of interaction with the people you love on your journey, you will find peace and solace.

Jin was born and trained in samurai tradition. Jin’s world falls apart as the Mongols quickly overwhelm samurai forces, and he makes the toughest choice in his life: he can not prevail and uphold the samurai values, rituals and battle. You must deviate from traditions, become a contemporary rebel species and protect whatever exists of your home at all expense.

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