Ghost of Tsushima Pre-order Guide, Offers, and Bonuses

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Ghost of Tsushima Collector Edition Sucker Punch
Ghost of Tsushima Collector Edition Sucker Punch

‘Ghost of Tsushima’ is a new exclusive title for the PS4. During the 1st Mongol invasion of Japan in 1274, you took on the role of Samurai Jin. All information about the game and where you can pre-order it can be found here.

‘Ghost Of Tsushima’ Will Be Released In July

Ghost of Tsushima’ is the latest highlight from developer Nate Fox and Studio Sucker Punch Productions, known for the Infamous series. Announced at Paris Games Week in 2017, a release was initially scheduled for June 26, 2020.

The new release date (July 17, 2020). This action-adventure game set in medieval Japan was announced on the official Playstation blog. The reason for this was the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.

The first information about a new title of the studio was available in  2015, with the first gameplay demo at E3 2018 in Los Angeles. The focus is on the feudal Japan era. A samurai is the main character that has drawn many players to ‘Ghost of Tsushima.’ The name of the game suggests the location, the island of Tsushima between Japan and South Korea, and Jin Sakai, the protagonist.

Sucker Punch Productions with Sony Interactive Entertainment as the publisher had ‘Ghost of Tsushima’ in mind shortly after the development of Infamous: First Light. The concept was an open-world action-adventure with no waypoints or classic tools like the popular compass.

The title is based precisely on this mechanism. As Jin, you explore the island of Tsushima on foot during the occupation by the Mongolian armed forces and your trusty steed. The orientation takes place exclusively through striking points in the area, such as sights. A quick trip via Jin’s horse Nobu should be possible.

Jin Sakai, the ‘ghost,’ is one of the last samurai on Tsushima and can either honor opponents with honor or kill them in an Assassin’s Creed manner via an ambush. This dynamic is presented in the game because you can adapt your playing style to your preferences.

The arsenal alone is complete with katana, throwing stars, alchemy, and a grappling hook that is reminiscent of a mix of samurai and ninja. The player, therefore, has many opportunities to develop himself. Jin is supported by companions, whose disposition depends on the actions of the protagonist. If you make a decision that goes against the grain of a companion, you can lose it. Worse, he becomes your enemy.

Shop comparison: Where You can pre-order ‘Ghost of Tsushima.’

‘Ghost of Tsushima’ will only be available for release on Playstation 4. Pre-orderers of the digital and physical editions can look forward to a pre-order bonus that can be downloaded to the console. These are the digital mini soundtrack, the PSN avatar ‘Jin,’ and the dynamic design ‘Jin.’ You can pre-order the following editions of the game:

  • Standard Edition: The Standard Edition of ‘Ghost of Tsushima’ is available for pre-order for 69.99 dollars. You can pre-order the game from Amazon, Saturn, or Media Markt for the same price.
  • Special Edition: If you choose the Special Edition in a steel bookcase, you have to pay 20 dollars more. For 89.99 dollars, you can also pre-order them from Amazon, Saturn, or Media Markt. In the ‘Ghost of Tsushima’ special edition, you will receive the items 1 x technology point, 1 x talisman of Hachiman’s favor and the ‘hero of Tsushima’ skin set (1 x golden mask, 1 x armor, 1 x sword) in addition to the main game Kit, 1 x horse, 1 x saddle) which are unlocked in the game. There is also additional content, namely a digital mini-artbook, the design ‘Samurai’ for your PS4, and an exclusive comment from the director about the title.
  • Collector’s Edition: The Collector’s Edition of the game can currently be pre-ordered (June 17, 2020) from Amazon for 229.99 dollars. It contains all the content of the Special Edition and physical collector items. These include 1 x Sakai mask with stand, 1 x battle banner ‘Sahimono,’ 1 x wrapping cloth ‘Furoshiki,’ and a mini art book by Dark Horse with a length of 48 pages.

You can also pre-order the  Digital Standard Edition  (69.99 dollars) or the  Digital Deluxe Edition (79.99 dollars) in the Playstation store. In addition to the main game, the Digital Deluxe Edition delivers the same content as the physical Special Edition.

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