Ghost Of Tsushima: Complete Walkthrough To The Prologue

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Ghost Of Tsushima Complete Walkthrough Prologue
Ghost Of Tsushima Complete Walkthrough Prologue

Our adventure begins with the shocking moment in which Jin Sakai and the rest of the samurai from Tsushima Island try to defend the territory from the arrival of the Mongolian army. In these first measures, we will only have to follow the fairly linear indications that the action occurs on the screen will suggest.

Even so, since soon the stage will be somewhat complicated, below and as part of this complete walk-through and guide, we will detail everything you should know as part of this Prologue before reaching Act 1: Rescue Mr. Shimura from Ghost of Tsushima.

Ghost of Tsushima Prologue

After some first battles in which we have not yet had a combat tutorial (so you have to pull intuition or access the pause menu to see the controls), our character will fall in combat. Then, we will see a cinematic.

Ghost of Tsushima Prologue Walkthrough
Ghost of Tsushima Prologue Walkthrough

Upon awakening, we must advance until we meet Yuna, a mighty warrior who has more than one trick up her sleeve. We follow in her footsteps and stay close to her to avoid being detected by the Mongols.

We reach a house through the roofs, and there we must descend to the lower floor to continue our march. Soon we will recover our katana. We will witness a flashback that serves as a tutorial.

Then, we can face a series of enemies to break through with the samurai code. Finally, we will arrive at a stable where 3 different horses await us. We choose one of them and give it a name to continue our mission.

Once at the gates of the castle, we will have to carry out our first confrontation against an enemy. Here, we must hold down the triangle and release it just at the right time to attack. It will be the first lethal katana cut.

After that, we advance along the only possible path until a rain of fiery arrows, which we can avoid if we look at the screams of the Mongols. After another confrontation, it will be time to face the game’s first boss: Kothun Kan, the Mongol leader.

Although, it won’t take long to discover that this is one of those battles that we can’t win.

Regaining playable control, we follow the wind direction to rejoin Yara. We duck down in the tall grass to avoid the approaching enemies from detecting us, and we decided that we will help our companion to rescue her brother, the best blacksmith on the island.

What Await Us After Prologue?

The prolog acts as a combat guide and the keys of the game. The tale of Jin is split into three parts after the prolog.

This involves some big missions in Tales from Norio, Masako, Ishikawa, Yuna, and others, which are split up by area (including historical and secondary tasks). Overall, players have great flexibility to determine where to go and what to do at all times.

We hope this guide helps you venture into the game more efficiently. See you at our next guide; Ghost of Tsushima: All Samurai Techniques, Stances, and Ghost Special Effects

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  1. Ghost Of Tsushima is great. It has hilarious dialogue and is filled with captivating scenes. The scene overlooking the castle is intense. Hard mode is still playable btw, it just tends to have more aggressive enemies. Highly recommend.

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