Ghost of Tsushima: How to get Techniques, Stances, and Ghost Abilities

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Ghost Of Tsushima Guide
Ghost Of Tsushima Guide

In Ghost of Tsushima, Jin can learn new skills or techniques. In most cases, you need technique points, which are obtained by completing missions, defeating enemies, etc.

Sometimes, you have to master it before you have to meet some special requirements, such as reaching a certain level of Legend, a point in history, completing a specific secondary mission. These are all the techniques you can learn in the game:

Samurai techniques

These are the techniques for direct, hand-to-hand combat, and when stealth is no longer an option. To unlock them, you have to use technique points.

1. Deflection Techniques

  • Perfect Deflection: allows a direct counterattack
  • Healing Perfect Detour: You regain health by making a Perfect Detour.
  • Unbreakable Sword Deflection: You can deflect unstoppable attacks from swordsmen.
  • Deflect Arrows: You can deflect arrows by keeping your guard up.
  • Unbreakable Spear Deflection: You can deflect unstoppable spear attacks.
  • Determining Detour: You gain determination by making detours or perfect detours.
  • Terrifying Deflection: There is a 20% chance to terrify enemies when making a perfect deflection with counterattacks.

2. Evasion Techniques

  • Roll: allows you to roll by pressing circle twice. If you are burning, it will put out the fire.
  • Feint Slash: allows you to launch a quick attack when dodging.
  • Running Attack: allows you to launch a quick slash while sprinting.
  • Shoulder Charge: allows you to tackle the enemy by pressing circle while sprinting.
  • Delayed attack: allows you to charge a fast attack by keeping the square button pressed.
  • Horse Attack: allows you to launch a heavy jump attack from the horse.
  • Perfect Dodge: allows you to make a deadly counterattack by dodging at the last minute.

3. Mythical Techniques

These are special techniques. To unlock them, you have to complete the corresponding mythical stories. Anyway, the stories consume spheres of determination.

  • Celestial Strike: unstoppable fast attack by polishing triangle + circle. It costs 1 determination and is earned by completing The Heavenly Strike.
  • Dance of Wrath – Launch three high-damage hits, achieved by completing Yarikawa’s Anima of Vengeance
  • The Path of the Flame – Achieved by completing The Undying Flame.
  • Explosive Arrow: Allows you to launch explosive arrows with the longbow. It is awarded for beating The Curse of Uchitsune.

4. Exploration techniques

These techniques allow you to open the map and have the guiding wind take you to collectibles or artifacts. For example, when you have Health Wind and open the map, you can have the guide wind to take you to the nearest spring. They are also unlocked simply by using technique points.

  • Health Wind – Allows you to locate the nearest spring.
  • Wind of Determination – Allows you to locate the nearest bamboo stand.
  • Talisman Wind – Allows you to locate the nearest Shinto shrine.
  • Inari Wind – Allows you to locate the nearest fox den.
  • Vanity Wind – Allows you to locate the closest cosmetic items.


Stances are Jin’s melee combat styles. Each style is designed for a type of enemy, and each has its own abilities. To unlock a Posture, you have to eliminate or observe a certain number of leaders.

Leaders are unique enemies that you will find mainly in camps and on specific missions. Once a Pose is unlocked, its techniques are learned using technique points, like all the others.

1. Stone pose

It is available by default and is effective against swordsmen.

  • Puncture: allows you to launch a double lunge. Keep the triangle button pressed, and when you hit the first lunge, press the button again.
  • Mountain Force: Increases staggering damage against Swordsmen.
  • Full Puncture – Allows you to perform three lunges instead of two.
  • Momentum: Heavy attacks from this stance run faster.

2. Water pose

This stance requires eliminating multiple leaders to unlock itself. It is effective against enemies with shields (both small and large shields).

  • Flurry: allows you to launch a multi-hit combo by holding down the triangle button and then pressing it again when the first hit is unloaded.
  • Fluid Attacks: allows you to lengthen the Flurry combo further, press triangle multiple times after the first charged hit.
  • Swell Force: Increases staggering damage against Shield Carriers.
  • Slash Wave: Triangle Charged Combo is now five hits instead of four.
  • Flood: Increases the damage of Flood.

3. Wind pose

This stance requires eliminating enough leaders to unlock itself. It is effective against enemies with spears.

  • Typhoon Kick – Launch a powerful kick that knocks the enemy off balance. It is used by holding down the triangle button.
  • Strengthened Typhoon Kick: Increases staggering damage and knocks the enemy back. It can be used to hurl enemies off cliffs.
  • Gale Force: Increases staggering damage against spearmen.
  • Anti-Spear Defense: If you are attacking a spearman and he attacks at the same time, you will automatically deflect his attack, without the need to block.
  • Finishing Typhoon Kick: You knock down enemies hit by a Typhoon kick (except those that cannot fall to the ground).

4. Moon pose

This stance requires eliminating a large number of leaders to unlock yourself. It is effective against savages.

  • Spinning Attack: Hold Triangle to launch a circular slash.
  • Whirlwind: allows you to launch a second circle attack after the spin attack.
  • Force of Heavens: Increases the staggering damage from attacks in this stance when fighting Wildlings.
  • Finishing blow: the third strong attack is more powerful and unbalancing.
  • Tornado: allows launching a third circular slash.

Ghost Techniques

These are the Ghost techniques, designed for stealth and special effects. All of these techniques require raising your Legend level or reaching a certain point in the story to unlock the first level. Then, they are enhanced with technique points, just like any other skill.

1. Ghost Weapon Techniques

The Ghost weapons will raise the level of the Legend. Once you have a new tool, you can use technique points to improve it :

  • Kunai: allows launching a kunai that unbalances and damages enemies. It can be upgraded with Hidden Blade (cast the third kunai) and Serrated Blades (double damage).
  • Gunpowder Bomb – Deals damage to enemies and knocks them off balance. It can be upgraded with Stun Blast (knocks down enemies) and Explosive Shrapnel (increases blast range and damage).
  • Smoke bomb: It can be enhanced with Blinding Dust (blinds enemies and increases the duration of the effect) and Healing Incense (smoke heals you).
  • Sticky Bomb: It is a bomb that sticks to the enemy before exploding. It can be enhanced with Cautious Throw (the explosion does not affect you), and Explosive Dust (a direct hit kills the target, deals more damage around them, and increases the radius of effect).
  • Wind Chime: You can throw an object to distract the enemy. It can be upgraded with Firecracker, which draws multiple enemies instead of just one.

2. Evolving Tactics

These techniques are unlocked as you progress through the story. Once you have them, simply spend technique points to improve them.

  • Regain Health – Allows you to heal yourself in combat. It can be upgraded with Iron Will (allows you to resurrect if you have 2 determination).
  • Showdown: allows you to eliminate an enemy in a single hit if you challenge him to a showdown. It can be upgraded with Engagement Streak (if you win an Engagement, you can kill a second enemy instantly) and Enhanced Engagement Streak (you can eliminate up to three enemies instantly).
  • Archery: allows you to use bows. It can be upgraded with Concentration (slows the downtime with R3 when aiming), Mental Toughness (decreases Concentration cooldown), and Improved Mental Toughness (further reduces the cooldown to use Concentration).
  • Assassination: allows you to take out enemies in stealth. It can be upgraded with Safe Landing (enables you to roll when you hit the ground so as not to hurt yourself. But, it does not help prevent fatal falls), Chain Kill (allows you to take out two enemies in a row in stealth if they are close) and Master of Assassination in Chain Kill (allows you to eliminate three enemies in a row in stealth if they are close).
  • Sharp hearing: press the touch to have “detective vision” and locate enemies even through walls. It can be enhanced with Far Ear (increases detection distance), Stealth Ear (you move faster with Keen Ear activated), and Killer Instinct (allows you to spot enemies who have noticed you’ve killed someone).
  • Shoji Assassination: Allows you to execute a murder through a sliding door. It is automatically unlocked as you progress through the story.
  • Ghost Stance: allows you to press L3 + R3 to temporarily enter a “one kill, one hit” state. The bar will fill when killing a stealth leader. It is automatically unlocked as you progress through the story, just like its “upgrade,” Ghost Kill Streak, which allows you to fill the gauge by killing 7 enemies without taking damage.

We hope this guide helps you venture into the game more efficiently. See you at our next guide!

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  1. What a coincidence. I just ordered Ghost of Tsushima for my PS4 after my nephew told me about it. I haven’t loaded it yet so these tips look like they’re going to be great. I love samurai movies and wanted to get this game when I heard about it. Unfortunately, I forgot until my nephew said he bought it. Can’t wait to play it now!!

  2. Wow, I want ghost abilities on Ghost of Tsushima, how did I miss out on it thus far.. oh well good to know now… thanks!

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