Getting Ghost Activity In Phasmophobia

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Getting Ghost Activity In Phasmophobia
Getting Ghost Activity In Phasmophobia

Some ghosts are really active the moment you step into the door, some need a bit of coaxing, others need a player to run around like a wild person shouting into a spirit box and dropping salt everywhere. Except for a banshee, ghost activity isn’t necessarily tied to a hunt.

What Are The Different Types Of Ghost Activity In Phasmophobia?

Each ghost type has its own special ability (or power). Using this power counts as ghost activity. Other types of ghost activity are:

  • The ghost manifesting physically (not hunting).
  • The ghost flickering the lights.
  • The ghost turning off the fuse box.
  • The ghost whispering, throat clicking, or exhaling into the player’s ear.
  • The ghost turning on a radio, tv, car alarm, etc.

How Can Players Increase Ghost Activity In Phasmophobia?

There are a couple of things players can do to increase ghost activity. Some of the things players can do are tied to the type of ghost themselves:

  • Being in the vicinity of an Oni increases the ghost activity automatically.
  • Putting a crucifix near a Banshee increases its ghost activity.
  • Placing salt in the Wraith’s room will increase its ghost activity.
  • Smudging an area with smudge sticks will increase the ghost activity (as long as you’re in the ghost room).
  • Saying certain phrases, or saying the ghost’s name, will also increase ghost activity.

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