Getting Dirty Water In Phasmophobia

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Getting Dirty Water In Phasmophobia
Getting Dirty Water In Phasmophobia

Dirty Water is one of the optional objectives in Phasmophobia and, if players take a picture of it, can get them a little extra money at the end of the round. However, in some rounds, dirty water is one of the objectives, but players cannot find it. Is there a way to get dirty water in Phasmophobia?

How Do Players Get Dirty Water?

Dirty water indicates a ghost’s presence and helps pinpoint the general area where the ghost is.

  • Players can turn on the sink themselves in hopes of locating the ghost’s area. However, they would need to turn it off after the sink is full.
  • The ghost can turn on sinks by themselves too.

When sweeping the house, players are advised to turn on the sinks and turn them off once the sink is full. This helps players hear if the ghost will turn it on again. It’s reported that turning on the water will cause the ghost to create dirty water faster than if it needs to turn on the water itself.

Tips For Dirty Water In Phasmophobia

Here are a couple of helpful tips for dirty water:

  • If you believe you’re in the ghost room, use one of the video cameras facing the sink in case the ghost interacts with the sink. This allows players to watch from the safety of the truck.
  • Take a picture of the dirty water with the digital camera, even if it’s not an objective, for a small reward at the end of the round.
  • If the ghost room is far from a sink, don’t risk waiting for dirty water, especially if it’s not an objective. It’s not the most reliable ghost activity.

What are your strategies for dirty water in Phasmophobia?

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