Geoff Keighley Will Present Dualsense Of PS5 In A Great Detail Tomorrow

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DualSense PS5 Keighley

The presentation of the PlayStation 5 made one thing clear to us: Sony does not mess with small things this time, literally. The new generation console will be the largest in size to date created by the oriental company. Not only that, but its DualSense also seems to accompany its size.

The new PS5 controller that was introduced just before the console differs from the style Sony was used to. The DualShock for PS3 and PS4 were practically identical to each other.

Here, there was no major adaptation necessary, but facing the new generation,  gamers will have to adapt if they want to continue playing with the Sony console.

We already saw the innovative PS5 controller called DualSense in many official photos and videos. However, we still had to see it live, not in promotional images, but real photos. And that will be the theme of the next Summer Game Fest event.

Geoff Keighley, the presenter of many of the video game events we have this summer, will connect tomorrow, Friday, July 17 at 9 a.m. (Pacific Time) to demonstrate the DualSense command live.

The adaptive triggers vibration, the haptic feedback, its new lights, and loudspeaker are the main attractions of the command. It has a very striking design different from the usual line PlayStation controls.

And that’s what Keighley will tell us about. Although there are many things we won’t be able to review until we have it in our hands.

Sony puts the word “Sense,” to represent the feeling, the tactile sensations when having the command thanks to the haptic sensors. There are many new possibilities, such as the option of feeling the rain in our hands or a  fingerprint sensor to log in safely. All of them are destined to create higher tension in the games.

The new controller presents other characteristics to the previous ones, and not only for its adaptable triggers or its design but also for its size. A life-size image of the DualSense for PS5 was leaked in the ResetEra forums. And its size is considerably larger than the classic DualShock.

Of course, without an official confirmation from Sony, we still cannot assure you that the image is right. However, it certainly appears to be so, which indicates that PlayStation fans will have to adapt to a relatively new style of play in the new console released later this year.

Recently, there has also been talking of a Sony patent related to the controller. According to this, the Create button would allow us to create demos to share with others through our own games. That way, it would be easy to create small challenges or mini-games.

What do you think of the PS5 controller? We have compared it with all the controls in the history of PlayStation, and we can see how it has evolved over 25 years.

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