Genshin Impact Venti Fanart

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Genshin Impact Venti Fanart
Genshin Impact Venti Fanart

Yes, we know; when we started writing about the Twitter fanart, we started with Amber. What’s wrong with Amber? She is genuinely considered one of the worst girls in Genshin Impact. However, we really shouldn’t be worried about who is the best or who is the best girl (or guy) in Genshin Impact; they’re all perfect in their own way.

However, it wouldn’t be very fair to show off Amber fanart without showing off some Venti fanart. We just had to make sure all the Venti fanart we found was by the original artists, so the links directly went to their original post.

Venti is a Bard in Genshin Impact and is very popular in the community. He’s a bit mischievous, but He’s regarded as one of the most powerful five-star characters in Genshin Impact.

Who is your favorite character in Genshin Impact?

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