Genshin Impact Fischl Fanart

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Genshin Impact Fischl Fanart
Genshin Impact Fischl Fanart

Fischl in Genshin Impact is a girl with an eyepatch. Who doesn’t love girls with eyepatches? Fisch’s official name and title are way too long to fit onto one page, but her blonde hair, green eyes, and petite build in a black lace dress is something anyone can agree with.

Fortunately, that’s why we’re bringing the Fischl fanart directly to your eyeballs. We just had to make sure they were from the original artists so we could link directly to their posts.

It’s almost a crime how little exposure all this fanart of Fischl in Genshin Impact received. Hopefully, we can give these artists a much-needed boost because Fischl is gorgeous.

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