Genshin Impact Amber Fanart

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Genshin Impact Amber Fanart
Genshin Impact Amber Fanart

We know Genshin Impact players don’t necessarily like Amber as a character. She doesn’t do a lot of damage and is easily replaceable by other pyro characters once they obtain them through wishes. However, there’s a reason why Amber was used so much in Genshin Impact’s advertising: she’s a beautiful character.

Fortunately, the talented artists of social media know this and have graced our eyeballs with Amber fanart.

We made sure the Amber fanart was by the original artists and that these links go directly to their original post.

As you can see, aesthetically, Amber is a beautifully-designed character.

Unfortunately, the comments tell a much different story as to her usefulness in Genshin Impact. Some say she’s great for exploring the world and being useful for clearing obstacles, but she’s easily replaceable when it comes to usefulness in battle.

Fortunately, we have Amber fanart to distract us from the fact that, while her promotional use for bringing in players for Genshin Impact was strong, she really isn’t.

We love Amber either way.

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