General Changes Coming To Phasmophobia To Overhaul The Game

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General Changes Coming To Phasmophobia To Overhaul The Game

Now that we know about all the planned changes coming to Phasmophobia that will completely overhaul the game, we need to look into each change individually. Here are the general changes coming to Phasmophobia:

1) New accessibility options (Colourblind, quick chat for ghost communication)
2) Random weather chances on each map 3) Increase uses for temperature (opening windows, heaters, moves ghost)
4) Long term tracking player statistics (Deaths, hunts, contracts, money in and out)
5) Cursor customization (size, icon, color, transparency)

Phasmophobia Temperature Changes Included In Game Overhaul

The one that stands out as the most interesting for us is the temperature changes coming to Phasmophobia. Phasmophobia has already undergone some significant temperature changes. One of the changes to the temperature mechanic is, when the breaker is turned on, the temperature will start to rise in the entire map except for the ghost’s location.

Phasmophobia Temperature Mechanics Effect On Hantu

Now, they’re planning on implementing even more temperature changes that could even affect moving the ghost according to their current plan. Heaters, we assume, would heat up a room, while opening a window could cool it down. In Phasmophobia’s current state, we don’t see a reason for having these temperature mechanics except for the Hantu. However, we haven’t seen many players even be affected by the Hantu’s temperature mechanics yet.

Phasmophobia Weather Effects On Temperature

The chances of weather changes on a map could be an interesting mechanic that ties into temperature changes. Right now, we only have rain on the Tanglewood map. However, there could be snow in Phasmophobia or possibly a heat wave that could affect the speed or mechanics of a ghost. It’s all up to speculation but very interesting.

What do you think about these general changes coming to Phasmophobia as part of its complete overhaul?

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