For Honor Enters eSports With Dominion Series

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For Honor Enters eSports With Dominion Series
For Honor Enters eSports With Dominion Series

For Honor is a tactical medieval brawler that’s been around since 2017. In For Honor, players get to play as different warriors:

  • Heavily-armored Knights
  • The crushing Vikings
  • The dodging Wu Lin
  • The quick Samurai

While the competitive multiplayer game modes are fun, from brawls to eliminations, it looks like Ubisoft tossed the game into the eSports world with Dominion Series.

What Is Ubisoft’s For Honor Dominion Series?

Instead of fighting for glory, players will:

  • Team up with similarly skilled players.
  • Battle their way up the brackets to fight for a spot in the qualifiers.
  • Fight to win the World Champion Title.

The format For Honor Dominion Series follows is:

  • Online open pools lasting four weeks.
  • Four teams compete in an online qualifier.
  • A single day of Last Chance Qualifier pools.
  • A single LCQ tournament comprised of 4 teams.

One Final online tournament.

Is For Honor Dominion Series Only Online?

Yes, Dominion Series is online-only. The competition is also region-locked. The online pools are open to as many teams want to compete during their open pools that last four weeks. Following the open online tournaments is the 1-day qualifiers and then the 1-day last chance qualifiers. These are all online.

The finals, comprising four teams, are broadcasted and are only a one-day tournament. Each region will have one team as the champions in their respective Dominion Series.

Of course, no one’s going to go through all that trouble for free. There will be an overall prize pool of $35,000. For more information, check out Ubisoft’s official For Honor Dominion Series website.

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