Footprints Do Not Count As Fingerprints In Phasmophobia

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Footprints Do Not Count As Fingerprints In Phasmophobia
Footprints Do Not Count As Fingerprints In Phasmophobia

When Phasmophobia first came out, we used to get footprints, count them as fingerprints, and call it a day. That’s a common mistake we see lots of new Phasmophobia players make. However, we’re here to set the record straight: footprints do not count as fingerprints.

How Do You Get Footprints In Phasmophobia?

While you still earn money for taking pictures of footprints to count as ghost activity, they do not count as fingerprint evidence.

  • Place salt on the ground.
  • Activate a glow stick and throw it on the ground near the salt.
  • When the ghost steps on the salt, they will make footprints across the floor.

You can also see footprints with a UV flashlight, but it’s easier to have a digital camera handy to take a picture as soon as you see them.

How Do You Get Fingerprint Evidence?

Fingerprint evidence is the same process, except you do not need salt. You can search for fingerprints without hearing any sounds, but hearing a sound is a good indication you could possibly get this piece of evidence.

  • Tapping sound on the window indicates possible handprints on the glass.
  • Lights flickering on and off means you should run a UV light over a light switch.
  • Doors opening or closing means you should check the door for handprints.

Any of these count towards fingerprint evidence.

Footprints Do Not Count As Fingerprints

In summary, they’re fun to see and land you some extra money at the end of the round for taking a picture of it, but they do not count as evidence. If you’re dealing with a Wraith, you can rest easy knowing you’ve weakened in a bit for a short time.

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