Square Enix Cracking Down on Modding In FFXIV

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Square Enix Cracking Down on Modding In FFXIV

It seems no one is safe when it comes to modding the HUD in Final Fantasy XIV. Whether aesthetic mods that make our characters look like IMVU characters are still up in the air, we do know that the developers do not like HUD-expanding mods.

Unfortunately, many of the players who use these mods that provide battle details during raids come from a game, World of Warcraft, that allowed multiple add-ons to flood the screen that had everything from DPS meters to preempting mechanics.

FFXIV TexTools Modding

Naoki Yoshida, FFXIV’s director, and producer, has always stood by the stance of not having third-party tools for his game. He wants to continue improving the game to the point where we won’t need these tools to aid our gameplay. However, these tools are not yet implemented, so there’s a part of the community who believes he’s simply keeping a blind eye to it. Unfortunately, to keep with consistency, bans are being issued for players caught streaming these mods or who are reported to have them.


Aesthetic mods aside, there’s a good reason why Naoki Yoshida stands by his rule but doesn’t actively enforce it: There are a lot of people who need mods for accessibility reasons. Much of the discourse surrounding mods right now just seems to be from people from boards, such as (and not surprisingly) 4Chan, who are making it their mission to ensure FFXIV is pure. Unfortunately, this mass reporting is working and several players are reporting bans from either Twitch or Final Fantasy XIV as a result.

What are your thoughts on modding and third-party tools in FFXIV?

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