FFXIV Dragonsong Ultimate Bosses

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FFXIV Dragonsong Ultimate Bosses
FFXIV Dragonsong Ultimate Bosses

While everyone is holding back on guides until the last of the World First Racers clear, it’s still nice to know what to expect. The Dragonsong Ultimate Bosses are the same enemies you’ve encountered three expansions ago in Heavensward.

The Dragonsong Ultimate Bosses

If you’ve completed the trials and story for Heavensward, then the following Dragonsong Ultimate Bosses should not surprise you. Of course, since it is a retelling of the story, you’re going to see a lot of alternate history.

  • Ser Charbert
  • Set Adelphel
  • Set Grinnaux

Dragonsong Ultimate bosses begin with three of the Knights Twelve.

  • King Thordan & his Knights Twelve

If you thought Thordan Extreme was hard when it was current, then imagine the ultimate version.

  • Nidhogg

It’s 2022 and we’re still struggling with the Final Steps of Faith, imagine ultimate Nidhogg.

  • Alternate History Vault

Please no.

  • Alternate History Thordan

I don’t even want to know what that means.

  • Hraesvelger and Nidhogg

Do you mean both? At the same time?

  • Dragon-King Thordan

Okay, this sounds badass.

As soon as the World First race officially concludes, we can look into creating a guide for the Dragonsong Ultimate Bosses, but for now, we’re on a self-imposed NDA.

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