Final Fantasy XIV: Vows of Virtue, Deeds Of Cruelty – Part One

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Final Fantasy XIV Vows of Virtue, Deeds Of Cruelty - Part One
Final Fantasy XIV Vows of Virtue, Deeds Of Cruelty - Part One

I’m back on my grind through MSQ in FFXIV. I took a break to level White Mage in the least healer way possible: everything but dungeons. Like 99.9% of any MMO player base, people like me have anxiety with healing because of the complete lack of patience people have for others still learning their roles.

Final Fantasy XIV Game Journal - The Palace Of The Dead Floors 101 -110

The only dungeons and trials I’ve healed were ones full of people I know because they won’t yell at me when they’re eating delicious dirt. Eventually, I’ll gain the confidence to heal randos, but please don’t yell at me; I’m baby.

Final Fantasy XIV Game Journal - Urianger - That I did And armed as we are with Beq Luggs invaluable insights

Now that I’m level 70, I can take a break, switch back to my dirt-eating Dragoon, and go back to MSQ. Of course, since I took a break for a couple of weeks, I don’t remember what was going on in the story. Urianger’s dialogue doesn’t help me here at all.

Final Fantasy XIV Game Journal - Urianger - A Link which would - we did belatedly realize

Urianger said, “Thus, the shedding of these fleshly simulacra, and the surfeit of aether which compriseth them, would in all likelihood deprive us of our psyches as well.”

Here’s my best translation attempt: “wubba lubba dub dub.”

Final Fantasy XIV Game Journal - Beq Lugg - Which is why we have abandoned that plan
Final Fantasy XIV Game Journal - Alphinaud - Then we are no closer to a solution

Thankfully, Beq Lugg summarized it by saying, “we shouldn’t try separating the mind and body; we should send it all together.” We’re hiring Beq Lugg as Urianger’s official translator. Of course, in typical Final Fantasy fashion, when a group splits up, the other group comes back empty-handed while our group has to risk our lives with broken death-clobbering machines and install a puppet government.

Final Fantasy XIV Game Journal - Crystal Exarch - When our discussions turned to the transference

All this time, the Crystal Exarch had his own plan. You mean to tell me, this whole time, you had your own plan; you just wanted to see how this played out? Pray, excuse me, everyone, so I can stab G’raha Tia with my pole.

Final Fantasy XIV Game Journal - Urianger - Failed to understand the concept

Urianger, the smartest guy in the room, still doesn’t understand the concept of linkpearls and excuses himself to tell Ryne and Thancred of our plans. We have Allagan technology at our disposal, but we can’t invent cell phones?

One step forward, two steps back. Until next time!

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