Final Fantasy XIV: Seeking Counsel

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Final_Fantasy XIV Seeking Counsel
Final_Fantasy XIV Seeking Counsel

After Lyna left, I spoke with Crystal Exarch because I felt bad for him.

Final_Fantasy XIV - Crystal Exarch - It may simply be my imagination but Lyna has been rather

Lyna really had him in his feelings. I don’t even want to know what a “mishap with the salmon fillet” could mean. What could Crystal Exarch have done with a salmon fillet to make a grown woman act weird around him? You know what? I don’t want to know.

Final_Fantasy XIV - Lyna - We have little time so I will be brief

I stepped outside and spoke with Lyna, who informed me that the reason she pulled me aside was to ask for my help against a sin eater. Really? I’m the Warrior of Darkness. You have hundreds of armed guards. I have better things to do like GPOSE in Limsa and listen to terrible off-tune Bards.

Final_Fantasy XIV - Lyna - You may not remember but you have met these soldiers once before

Nevertheless, to progress through the story, I had to go along with it. She met me out in Lakeland, where she paraded some weirdly optimistic guards to me.

Final_Fantasy XIV - Steadfast Guard - I too was there that terrible day

They all had some sob story to tell about how they met the Warrior of Dank Memes. Even this guy was like “I watched my friend die before my very eyes and that’s why you inspire me.” Like, “Shouldn’t you be in therapy???”

Final_Fantasy XIV - Honest Soldier - My apologies Captain Lyna An elderly gentleman asked
Final Fantasy XIV - Theyler - I asked you to deliver a message to the Exarch and the Warrior of Darkness
Final_Fantasy XIV - Theyler - No matter what happens we will not give up

One more guy comes in and introduces himself as Theyler. He talks about how we’ve met before in a non-voiced cutscene that this game expects me to remember.

Final_Fantasy XIV - Lyna - Your heroism inspired all of our guardism in much the same manner

After we’re introduced, Lyna deploys the group to take care of the sin eater. Shouldn’t that have been the priority here? A sin eater running rampant in Lakeland? No, we have to meet eachother first and develop that relationship.

Final_Fantasy XIV - Crystarium Scout - No Captain It was not us I swear It A man came out of nowhere

Anyway, as soon as we arrived, the sin eater was dead.

Final_Fantasy XIV - Gallant Guardsman - It is true - Felled it with a single swing of a axe he did

The useless guards who, for some reason were given the title of “Gallant”, talked about a Warrior of Light who swooped in to save the day.

Final_Fantasy XIV - Lyna - Since the eater is no longer a threat our work here is done

After the group of guards continued simping for my Warrior of Dank Memes, Lyna sent them on their way. Much like 99.9% of side quests in Final Fantasy XIV, I was completely useless to the story.

Final_Fantasy XIV - Lyna - A personal concern of mine I had hoped you might have a moment

Before I could leave so I could go back to GPOSE, Lyna pulled me aside privately.

Final_Fantasy XIV - Lyna - But I see I give the wrong impression
Final_Fantasy XIV - Lyna - I Know not the details of his research but when I saw him at work recently

One, she finally explained the salmon fillet incident, but the matter that was pressing her the most was the fact that Crystal Exarch was happy. Oh yeah, I forgot, everyone in

Final Fantasy XIV needs to suffer from chronic depression on an endless struggle bus.

God forbid anyone is happy, right?

Final_Fantasy XIV - What will you say

I was given the dialogue option of igniting a ship I didn’t know I had.

Final_Fantasy XIV - Lyna - Then perhaps we might as we were As we have always been

Now I got them both in their feelings.

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  1. lol excited to see ur reaction to the end of 5.3 ur getting there, be ready for all the emotions

  2. Actually to respond to the above comment he is still on 5.2 “Seeking Counsel” is the beginning of 5.2 he needs to do:

    Facing the Truth
    A Sleep Disturbed
    An Old Friend
    Deep Designs
    A Whale’s Tale
    Beneath The Surface (this unlocks Amamnesis Anyder)
    and Echoes of a Fallen Star to finish 5.2

  3. For some reason my last comment was all one sentence. Let me separate it by commas: Facing the Truth, A Sleep Disturbed, An Old Friend, Deep Designs, A Whale’s Tale, Beneath The Surface (this unlocks Amamnesis Anyder), and Echoes of a Fallen Star to finish 5.2

  4. Then in 5.3 there’s 12 quests: In The Name of the light, heroic dreams, fraying threads, food for the soul, faded memories, etched in the stars, the converging light, hope’s confluence, nothing unsaid, the journey continues, unto the morrow, and reflections in crystal. Then 5.4 finishes current content until Endwalker with: Alisae’s quest, the wisdom of allag, reviving the legacy, forget us not, like master like pupil, the admirals resolve, the search for sicard, on rough seas, the great ship vylbrand, and futures rewritten, so there’s still a way to go (im addressing the comment made by Jeneva)

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