Final Fantasy XIV: Reviving The Legacy Part One

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Final Fantasy XIV Reviving The Legacy Part One

It’s been some time since we’ve covered Final Fantasy XIV in blog form and we’re excited to get back to journaling our way through Eorzea. Between our last post and this one we’ve done a bit of MSQ, so just pretend we’re doing a time skip here.

Final Fantasy XIV - Krille - Of greatest concern to is the lllrd, a legion.

The newly awakened G’raha Tia has brought us back to the Rising Stones because we’ve failed to guess a password and must bring a floating yellow ball back to Mor Dhona for tech support. When we arrive, Krile fills us in on Garlemald’s Civil War and how the alliance leaders are just hanging out and watching the Garleans implode.

Final Fantasy XIV -Alisaie - But if we can develop a treatment for tempering

Honestly, the fact that the WoL is hanging out with Alisaie and G’raha Tia to work some science instead of using our plot armor to battle the empire right now is relieving.

Final Fantasy XIV - Cid - Well I had love to say that we could help so I will

Cid and his Geek Squad team finally show up and, after a brief reunion with G’raha Tia, set off to perform basic tech support.

Final Fantasy XIV - Reunion
Final Fantasy XIV - Cid - The password is freedom

All it took was Biggs and Wedge bringing in a machine the size of 90s cell phones in and hitting it until it gave us the most basic password we could have guessed if we didn’t have a limit on attempts.

Final Fantasy XIV - Owen - This report seeks to provide an overview of the mechanism

A glowing man appeared on the screen, one of the first times in recent history I remember seeing an actual Allagan. Of course, he’s long dead, but we don’t need him as much as we need to tap into his knowledge of tempering.

Final Fantasy XIV - Glowing Man
Final Fantasy XIV - Owen - By way of an example, exposure to the aether of the Fiend
Final Fantasy XIV - Owen - As a consequence the subject would attain heightened affinity
Final Fantasy XIV - Owen - Angry God

He goes on about how our aether is as pure as an infant’s behind until an angry God gets their hands on it. From my understanding of this cutscene full of easy exposition, people who cannot handle their aether become squishy adds, and those who do lift just lose their sense of self.

Final Fantasy XIV - Owen - In all likelihood, this report will be expunged from the archives

Unfortunately, Owen’s research was rejected and he was thrown out but he gave us enough information for us to come up with the common sense option of cleaning up someone’s aether. I feel like, as much as we’ve known about aether, we should have already known this.

Final Fantasy XIV - Graha Tia - Through thus restoring the sense of self

However, they wanted to take this long to come up with the idea of “un-tempering” using a pig named Angelo, so anything is possible in this story.

Final Fantasy XIV - Graha Tia - Not unlike the members of a certain distinguished eengineering collective

For now, we’re just glad for the reprieve from fighting and will follow this cat boy on his journey as an excuse to get out of real work.

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