Final Fantasy XIV: Nowhere To Turn

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Final Fantasy XIV - What Will you say - Sorry but I think he is fled

Time to travel back to Eulmore to see what could possibly be more important than saving the world.

Final Fantasy XIV - Alphinaud - Well, naught here seems out of the ordinary

As Alphinaud and I arrive back in Eulmore, we see no pacing cat lady.

Final Fantasy XIV - Kai-Shirr - Probably pacing around outside again

Kai-Shirr, who accompanied us here, could have told us where she was. Instead, he made us come here only to tell us where she was, and to further emphasize that she was, indeed, sighing.

Final Fantasy XIV - Dullai-Chai - I knew not where else to turn

After meeting up with Lady Chai outside, the feeling of guilt washed over me. How could I save the world knowing Dulia-Chai is upset? I would go to the Seven Hells and back for this woman.

Final Fantasy XIV - Alphinaud - Alone What Of Master Chai
Final Fantasy XIV - Dullai-Chai - But that is the very reason I summoned you

A quick analysis of the area implies the reason why Lady Chai is upset is because Master Chai is missing. Again, this was probably something Kai-Shirr could have told us, so we could have at least tried looking on the way back to Eulmore.

Final Fantasy XIV - Dullai-Chai - Well Lord Vaulthry out of the way

Lady Chai tells the group that Eulmore needed a new leader after we kind of killed the last one. Just a little bit. However, they needed to find a new one that didn’t make bread out of sineaters.

Final Fantasy XIV - Dullai-Chai - Dullai-Chai - After a lifetime of leasure

While the people of Eulmore lived in luxury, secluded from the outside world in a tower with ugly purple carpets, none of them actually possess the traits needed to lead a city.

Final Fantasy XIV - Alphinaud - Well given the manner in which he

They ended up voting in Master Chai because he orchestrated the construction of a giant rock monster.

Seriously, his resume looks something like this:

  • Worked at Daedalus Stoneworks
  • Built giant rock monster capable of taking down floating islands The next President, guys.
Final Fantasy XIV - Dullai-Chai - Dullai-Chai crying

After seeing Mother Chai cry, I knew what I had to do: stop everything and find her husband.

Roulettes? No.

Help me with this quest? No.


Final Fantasy XIV - What Will you say - Sorry but I think he is fled

I just want to know what sadist put this dialogue option here.

Final Fantasy XIV - Alphinaud - And there you have it Lady Chai

Alphinaud promises Lady Chai that we will put all of our manpower into finding her husband. The Warrior of Light, the worst of the two twins, and the custom deliveries NPC.

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