Final Fantasy XIV: Moving Forward

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Final Fantasy XIV Moving Forward
Final Fantasy XIV Moving Forward

It’s time for a new Eulmore, and the only way to do that is to get over your fear of public speaking.

Final Fantasy XIV - Chai-Nuzz - Ahem

Chai-Nuzz is all of us giving a book report in school. However, instead of going back to his seat and slinking back, breathing a sigh of relief, he has to lead an entire city.

Final Fantasy XIV - Dullia-Chai - Go on dear
Final Fantasy XIV - Chai-Nuzz - You place great faith in me

After getting a nod from his very supportive wife (also the mother figure of everyone who plays this game), Master Chai magically transforms into a master political speaker.

Final Fantasy XIV - Chai-Nuzz - The systems put in place by Lord Vauthry

He gives a pretty basic speech:

  • One nation undivided
  • Everyone’s gotta do their part
  • We aren’t who we are before
Final Fantasy XIV - Chai-Nuzz - The road before us will not be easy

You can see the pain in their eyes when he basically tells the ones who sat on their butt all day eating other people that they have to put in some manual labor.

“I know full well how daunting the prospect of honest labor may seem to some of you…” Translation: I know half of you are lazy.

Final Fantasy XIV - Clapping hands

Even after the speech, the cliche slow clapping scene starts where one person starts clapping, then everyone else starts clapping.

Final Fantasy XIV - Chai-Nuzz - We will be moving into the Emergent

After all the clapping is done, we meet back up with Chai-Nuzz, who says his office is going to be a place he can have access to drinks. What a mood.

Final Fantasy XIV - Hathenbet - Aye that is me I liked your speech

His first official duty as mayor is to feed his people, which is not our problem anymore. Alphinaud wanted to stick around, but he almost forgot he’s only a fraction of himself, and it’s time to see if Alisaie’s group has come up with anything as this chapter of “How Chai-Nuzz Got His Groove Back” has come to an end.

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