Final Fantasy XIV Keyboard Controls

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Final Fantasy XIV Keyboard Controls
Final Fantasy XIV Keyboard Controls

When you first start Final Fantasy XIV, you’re introduced to a lot of different tutorial screens to help you learn the game. They make sure to be in your face about almost every aspect of the game. However, like most gamers, we don’t like tutorials. In fact, many end up clicking the option to not have any tutorials show up. That’s when they have to come back online and look for guides that are in the game for them. No worries, we have you covered.

Final Fantasy XIV Keyboard Controls Layout

Here are the basic keyboard controls in Final Fantasy XIV:

ESC: Closes all UI components. If you have any menus or other UI cluttering your screen, you can easily clear it quickly with the ESC key.

Number Row: The number row from “1” to the “=” sign is used to activate different commands you have set to your hotbar.

WASD: The WASD keys are your normal movement controls. They are the default movement controls in almost all MMORPGs.

Spacebar: The space bar lets your character jump.

/: The “/” key is your ready text command. This lets you type commands into your chatbox to trigger specific commands.

ENTER: The enter key submits the text in your chat box.

Print Screen: Pressing the print screen key takes a screenshot that is saved to your Final Fantasy XIV screenshots folder.

Scroll Lock: Pressing the scroll lock key hides the user interface for better screenshots.

Final Fantasy XIV Keyboard Numpad

NUMPAD: You can set any keys in the Numpad for macros or commands in the game.

Final Fantasy XIV Mouse

Your mouse can also be used for movement. Pressing both left and right mouse buttons moves your character forward. Pressing down the mouse wheel makes your character run automatically.

To make your character turn, hold down the right mouse button. If you want to move the camera around your character, hold down the left mouse button.

The right mouse button is also used to speak to NPCs, auto-attack an enemy, and open commands with another character.

Scrolling with the mouse wheel zooms your camera (or map) in and out.

The left mouse button simply selects a target.

Final Fantasy XIV Keyboard Commands

Here are other helpful keyboard commands to know in FFXIV:

Final Fantasy XIV Camera Commands:

Point Camera Up
Point Camera Down
Point Camera Right
Point Camera Left
Zoom Camera InPage Up
Zoom Camera OutPage Down
Toggle Between 1st/3rd Person ModeHome
Return Camera to Saved PositionEnd
Save Current Camera PositionCtrl + End
Return Camera to Default PositionCtrl + Shift + End
Flip CameraV
Lock Camera On TargetNum5
Tilt Camera UpCtrl + ↑
Tilt Camera DownCtrl + ↓
Face CameraPause
Final Fantasy XIV Camera Commands

Final Fantasy XIV Enemy Target Commands:

Cycle Through Enemies (Nearest to Farthest)Tab
Cycle Through Enemies (Farthest to Nearest)Shift + Tab
Face TargetF
Target SelfF1
Target Members in Party ListF2 – F8
Target Pet/FamiliarF9
Target the Target of Your Current TargetT
Target Focus TargetF10
Target Nearest EnemyF11
Target Nearest NPC or ObjectF12
Set/Clear Focus TargetShift + F
Cycle Up Through Enmity ListCtrl + Num8
Cycle Down Through Enmity ListCtrl + Num2
Cycle Through Alliance List (Forward)Ctrl + Num6
Cycle Through Alliance List (Backward)Ctrl + Num4
Final Fantasy XIV Enemy Commands

Final Fantasy XIV Chat Commands

Ready Chat PromptEnter
Ready Text Command/
Temporarily Switch Chat Mode to SayAlt + S
Temporarily Switch Chat Mode to ShoutAlt + H
Temporarily Switch Chat Mode to PartyAlt + P
Temporarily Switch Chat Mode to YellAlt + Y
Reply (Repeat to Cycle Through PCs)Alt + R
Temporarily Switch Chat Mode to Free CompanyAlt + F
Temporarily Switch Chat Mode to PvP TeamAlt + T
Temporarily Switch Chat Mode to Cross-world LinkshellAlt + L
Temporarily Switch Chat Mode to AllianceAlt + A
Final Fantasy XIV Chat Commands

Final Fantasy XIV General Keyboard Commands

Display SubmenuNum*
Move Cursor Up/Cycle Up Through Party ListNum8
Move Cursor Down/Cycle Down Through Party ListNum2
Move Cursor/Target Cursor LeftNum4
Move Cursor/Target Cursor RightNum6
Cycle Through HUD ComponentsNum1
Select the Main MenuNum+
Draw/Sheathe Weapon * While Mounted: DismountZ
Free Company:
Armoury ChestCtrl + I
SignsShift + M
WaymarksCtrl + M
Action and TraitsP
Duty FinderU
TimersCtrl + U
Character ConfigurationK
System ConfigurationCtrl + K
Final Fantasy XIV General Keyboard Commands

Final Fantasy XIV System Keyboard Commands

Target FilterX*
Crafting LogN
Gathering LogB
Hunting LogH
Fishing LogY
Fishing GuideCtrl + Y
Emote List(No default Assingment)
Cycle Through UI Component Tabs (Forward/Back)Num9/Num7
Toggle UI Display ModeScroll Lock
Take ScreenshotPrint Screen
Change Window SizeCtrl + Home
Close UI ComponentsEsc
Final Fantasy XIV System Keyboard Commands

Final Fantasy XIV Direction Keyboard Commands

Move ForwardW
Move BackS
Turn LeftA
Turn RightD
Strafe LeftQ
Strafe RightE
Final Fantasy XIV Direction Keyboard Commands

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