Final Fantasy XIV Journal: Entry One

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I’m not sure what came over me. Maybe it’s because I had other things to do and needed to multi-task, or maybe I was tempted with the sweet chunk of experience I was promised at the end, but I decided to queue for the main scenario roulette.

Even though I know it’s not possible to skip cutscenes in these instances; my fingers didn’t get the memo. It’s a force of habit. I’m sorry about the back button on my controller. I treat it worse than my own back. That reminds me, I need to buy another office chair back support.

At least while Cid rambled on about his plans to dismantle the empire or whatever was going on in Castrum Meridianum, I could write down ideas for a game I’ve been thinking of working on.

While Cid was busy blowing his way into this Garlean stronghold (sounds so wrong), I was taking screenshots of my recently fantasia’d Lalafell. He looked fine in character creation, but, for some reason, he just looks like a miniature version of what younger Ron Howard would look like if he was in a Final Fantasy game.

After making a mockery of what this instance used to be, we made it to the end boss. The end boss in Castrum Meridianum is a wannabe White Power Range who has built-in hand cannons and can only be dismantled by her own cannons. Forget that we have magic pew pew cannons in the form of Black Mages on our team; only their own weapons can hurt them.

After a certain point, she drops her Gundam suit, and that’s when we pile on her like Walmart shoppers on the last toilet paper during a pandemic.

After my friend and I stepped out of Castrum, we stepped into trials, and I was once again faced with a hilariously simple boss fight.

What’s worse is, King Thordan used to be somewhat difficult, even on normal difficulty. Now he’s just someone we slap around when we need someone to violently take our issues out on.

Not only that, he brings some friends of his, whose only powers are to grow nominally bigger for no reason other than to have a bigger hitbox for my gun.

How one of them was able to off Haurchefant was beyond me. Maybe Haurchefant didn’t try hard enough.

Want to follow the adventures of Bryan Havoc in Eorzea? Comment below and let us know how much demand there is to continue this series. I’d like to tell you more about how I steal limit breaks from Dragoons while they’re focused on keeping up blood of the

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