Final Fantasy XIV Housing Extreme

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Final Fantasy XIV Housing Extreme
Final Fantasy XIV Housing Extreme

Final Fantasy XIV players have fought on the back of giant whales, adventured in underwater temples, and have taken down a giant robot primal from the inside. Unfortunately, after the world needs our services again, we have no home to rest our heads. The greatest battle many proud warriors of light cannot overcome is the release of new housing wards, a battle known as: Housing Extreme.

What Is Final Fantasy XIV: Housing Extreme?

Final Fantasy XIV has thousands of players per server with only hundreds of available houses. It doesn’t take a mathematician to figure out that not everyone will be a homeowner. Much like the real world, some are stuck as roommates to an actual homeowner, a tenant in a Free Company home, or rent out apartment space.

Whenever a patch in Final Fantasy XIV comes out that opens up new wards, players ruin their own sleep schedules to fight against thousands of other players to finally secure a home. For many, being a homeowner is the final battle.

Unfortunately, a slower internet connection, a weaker console/PC, or pure bad luck sends players into the depths of despair.

What Can Square Enix Do About Final Fantasy XIV: Housing Extreme?

After the most recent patch 5.35 in Final Fantasy XIV, players took to Twitter to repeat the same suggestions they’ve been saying for years. Some suggestions are:

  • Larger houses reserved for free companies.
  • Having the housing wards instanced.
  • Adding enough wards so everyone can have a house if they want.

While some came to Twitter to show off their new homes, others came to express their completely justifiable frustration.

What do you think Square Enix should do so the housing system is fair for everyone?

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