Final Fantasy XIV: Good For The Soul

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Final Fantasy XIV Good For The Soul

I’m going to be completely honest with you; when I came through Amh Araeng about a year ago, I was completely zoned out of this storyline that involved Magnus, Jerky, Thaffe. I think I was going through something at the time that took my focus away from the game, so I just kept clicking through dialogue. All I know is, they helped me break through a door with a Talos and then helped me make a giant stone monster.

Final Fantasy XIV - Amh Araeng map

In fact, I don’t think I’ve spent a lot of time in Amh Araeng. So many side quests need to be done, and there’s a whole part of the map I haven’t flown through yet. It might be filler, but my attitude with this area was just, “get in, and get it done.” Much like many people’s attitude with the missionary position.

Final Fantasy XIV - Magnus - Place is swarming with coyotes now

I don’t even remember why I came here in the first place, but I scoffed at the thought of Magnus needing to warn me about coyotes. Really? I’m the reason you have nighttime and no threat of a calamity, but you think coyotes will be the death of me?

Final Fantasy XIV - Coyotes in view

When I ran to the destination, there wasn’t a single coyote in sight. There were large birds and goats.

Final Fantasy XIV - Phorusrhacos

One of the large birds even attacked me when I looked down at a text on my phone and was barely registering on my HP. I stood there and took a feathery beating to prove a point if I ever ran into Magnus again.

Final Fantasy XIV - One desert coyote

I saw one single Desert Coyote in the distance, so I went out of my way to kill it for the memes.

Final Fantasy XIV - Halric - Mumble

I brought this clay back to Beq Lugg, but before talking to them, I went to see if Halric would finally say something to me. He didn’t. I don’t even know why I bother with this kid. This is my second time trying to help him, and he can’t even look me in the eye. Ungrateful.

Final Fantasy XIV - Beq Lugg - The twins have returned and in one piece at that

I spoke to Beq Lugg, who low key was hoping either Alphinaud or Alisaie would get turned into garden ornaments.

Final Fantasy XIV - Alisaie - Big lump of clay

After some dialogue, Alisaie throws down a lump of clay in the most epic way you can present a clump of clay to someone. Let Alisaie have this clay moment; she has so little.

Final Fantasy XIV - Alisaie - A porxie - I think I know what you mean

Beq Lugg asks for Alisaie to fashion a porxie (one of those little flying pigs). I figured it was easy enough. Make it into a round ball, add long ears, a snout, and adorable beady eyes.

Final Fantasy XIV - Alisaie - There we are
Final Fantasy XIV - Alisaie - Clay figure

Of course, much like Alphinaud struggles with swimming, it looks like Alisaie should have paid more attention in art class.

Final Fantasy XIV - Alphinaud

I don’t know why Alphinaud is laughing. Even my WoL knows he should probably keep it inside, lest Alisaie throws him into a small puddle of water.

Final Fantasy XIV - Beq Lugg - Pay him no mind child

Beq Lugg, who tells Alisaie to pay him no mind, pads on the insult by calling her pig monster creation a parody of reality.

Final Fantasy XIV - Alisaie - With flesh of clay I bid thee rise

But it’s not what the clay figure looks like; it’s what you can do with a little bit of magic. We learn this in everything from My Little Pony to Harry Potter.

Final Fantasy XIV - Alisaie - A name

In order to save Halric, Alisaie must give the porxie a name. Channeling her inner Rinoa, she names it Angelo.

Final Fantasy XIV - Halric - Mother

Now, with the power of Angelo, the flying porxie, we were able to do what Tesleen could not: Get Halric to say something.

Final Fantasy XIV - Beq Lugg - I believe it did

Beq Lugg, one to carefully conceal insults, lets Alisaie know that her and her terrible clay model almost did it.

Final Fantasy XIV - Does that not sound a lot like some of the tempered back in the Source
Final Fantasy XIV - What will you say - Ga Bu

Of course, this was enough to stroke Alisaie’s massive confidence to the point where she had to cut open a wound and remind me of Ga Bu.

Final Fantasy XIV - Ga Bu - Please

Seriously, if Ga Bu didn’t pull on the heartstrings, then I’m convinced you have no heart.

Final Fantasy XIV - Finally I have found you

Before we run off, a familiar voice calls out to us.

Final Fantasy XIV - Kai Shirr - There is trouble back in Eulmore
Final Fantasy XIV - Alphinaud - Sighing and pacing you say

It’s Kai-Shirr, and he says Lady Chai is beside herself.

Not only that, but she’s sighing

AND pacing.

Oh no, not sighing AND pacing. This must be serious. Forget treating these patients with life-threatening conditions. Lady Chai is beside herself!

I wonder what it could be?

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