Final Fantasy XIV: A Welcome Guest

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Final Fantasy XIV A Welcome Guest
Final Fantasy XIV A Welcome Guest

It’s time to head back to the Ocular to see if the Nu Mou is willing to help us with our journey to stuff the Scions into some rocks, bring them back to their bodies, and, hopefully, they’ll magically reappear into their bodies.

Final Fantasy XIV - Crystarium Gatekeep - Do you have business with the Crystal Exarch

The first step is sliding past the Crystarium Gatekeep, though. You’ve seen me come and go about thirty times now. You’ve even seen me walk out with the Crystal Exarch. I’m the reason you have melatonin now. Of course, I have business with the Crystal Exarch. What, do you think I’m just looking for the bathroom?

Final Fantasy XIV - Beq Lugg - Any other time and I would have dismissed your stories as balderdash and flummery

It seems, after walking into the Ocular, that Beq Lugg was already filled in about our predicament. Great, I don’t think I’d want to sit through another explanation of how the Scions aren’t even real.

Final Fantasy XIV - Beq Lugg - Save you Your Body is your own

Except for me. Yes, I am a queen, my body is my own and I own my body.

Final Fantasy XIV - Beq Lugg - Save you Your Body is your own

Could have gone without the dense comment.

Final Fantasy XIV - Beq lugg - Your tale is intriguing

But I’m going to let that slide you’re accepting our story as payment. Damn, I wish that worked in the real world.

“Yes, I’d like to purchase this shopping cart of groceries and electronics.”

“Your total comes out to $4,269.”

“Okay, but will you accept an intriguing tale as payment?”

Final Fantasy XIV - Alphinaud - It would be our pleasure

My face twisted in disgust after Beq Lugg told us since they’re getting up there in age, they need someone to do “field research” for them. As someone with two combined decades of MMORPG experience, I can confidently say this means laborious fetch quests. Of course, Alphinaud, being the beta make he is, gladly accepted on our behalf. He even used the “L” word.

Final Fantasy XIV - Alisaie - I sometimes forget we are not truely here in the First

After the dialogue is over, you start the quest back up with Beq Lugg. However, I like talking to the NPCs first to see if they have anything else to add. Alisaie is simply having an existential crisis.

“It will be good to be whole again…”
Same Alisaie, same.

Final Fantasy XIV - Yshtola - Did you happen to notice the magicked brooms strewn about the Grand Cosmos

Y’shtola was just sitting there the whole time thinking about the brooms in the Grand Cosmos. No wonder she wasn’t talking the whole time. She was just zoning out, thinking about brooms.

Final Fantasy XIV - Beq Lugg - Not soo bright are you boy

Beq Lugg brings us back to this horribly depressing place where Tesleen used to work taking care of these people. Now, they’re idly sitting there waiting for the inevitable.

Maybe it’s not too late for them. It’s still too late for Tesleen. I’m still not over that.

Actually, I’m going to cry for a couple of minutes.

Final Fantasy XIV - Halric - Mumble

Okay, now that I’m back from crying, they made me watch Halric again, but this time, he’s saying something. Either that, or he’s a hardcore introvert.

Final Fantasy XIV - Beq lugg - If I may there is a treatment I wish to administer to the patients

Now that Beq Lugg looked over the boy for a total of ten seconds, they decide it’s time to administer medications. If you’re wondering why I’m using “they,” it’s because (according to Google), Beq Lugg is non-binary and I don’t want to misgender them.

Final Fantasy XIV - Pawnil - What is this warmth I feel in my chest

Beq Lugg whips out medicine for the people in the area to see if it works. How they just happened to have the right tonic on their person is beyond me. Beq Lugg probably walks up to people and opens their coat to reveal a bunch of different medications to sell in dark alleys or the Nu mou produce tonics from their body. I’d prefer to think it was the former. I don’t need this imagery.

Final Fantasy XIV - Beq Lugg - The boy is too far gone his mind held together by the finest of threads

Unfortunately, this kid is too far gone. He kind of reminds me of that last demon in the Demon Slayer anime, except he can’t slice people up with spiderwebs. He just sits there…


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