Final Fantasy XIV: A Sleep Disturbed

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Final Fantasy XIV - A Sleep Disturbed
Final Fantasy XIV - A Sleep Disturbed

After realizing that Ardbert’s body may be possessed by an Ascian, Y’shtola decides the next course of action should be to play Tomb Raider.

Final Fantasy XIV - Almet - It is most strange for these halls to be left unguarded
Final Fantasy XIV - It is recommended that you set aside sufficient time to view these scenes

Even Almet is nice enough to tell me there’s a battle involved when we go inside. “We don’t know what dangers await, but make sure you set aside enough time to view the cutscenes because something will definitely attack us.”

Final Fantasy XIV - Yshtola - The people of Ronka are known to have venerated animals
Final Fantasy XIV - Beast with large teeth

That something was revealed as soon as we walked into the room. It was the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen since “Deadpool” in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Final Fantasy XIV - Yshtola - Wait - Do not
Final Fantasy XIV - Uimet - What - But I only - What is happening

Of course, leave it up to the La-Hee Sisters to take an item off a pedestal, only proving they’ve never seen literally any movie or media including tombs (The Mummy, Lara Croft’s Tomb Raider, Indiana Jones, Lego Indiana Jones).

Final Fantasy XIV - A Sleep Disturbed - Pointing to something interesting
Final Fantasy XIV - A Sleep Disturbed - Beast comes alive alive
Final Fantasy XIV - Stoned animal

Grabbing the stone owl set off the tomb’s ancient security system that included the premium add-on service of “Ugliest Hippogryph Guardian”.

Final Fantasy XIV - Huaca - Deft of paw with kin do I vie

This creature came from the same school of Medieval English that Urianger graduated from. Basically, it told me that instead having a cool power like breathing fire or turning people to stone, it had the ability to trap their soul into cool Tarot cards.

Final Fantasy XIV - A Sleep Disturbed - Looks like playing cards
Final Fantasy XIV - A Sleep Disturbed - 2 playing cards
Final Fantasy XIV - Consider to ask to take these cards with me

Honestly, these were pretty sweet looking cards. I almost asked this creature if I could keep them instead in exchange for letting me know why I’m even here.

Final Fantasy XIV - Go on - Trust you instincts

Unfortunately, I had to play some mini-games to help free my companions of their cool card-portraits.

Final Fantasy XIV - Huaca - Well fought here the trial is complete

The more you free, the more will assist you during the inevitable battle to beat the ugly into this creature, and there’s no way we could possibly make it uglier.

Final Fantasy XIV - Picking up the owl
Final Fantasy XIV - Putting the owl where it is belongs

After defeating the creature, it transports you back so you can place the owl where it belongs and open the door. Honestly, Y’shtola could have blasted the door open and saved everyone the trouble.

Final Fantasy XIV - Almet - She is Viis - Could it be the archmage Tiuna

After discovering the coffin, the group sees a painting on the back wall.

Final Fantasy XIV - Yshtola - Moreover does it not recall that which Emet-Selch invited us to witness in Amaurot
Final Fantasy XIV - A Sleep Disturbed - Glowing stones
Final Fantasy XIV - A Sleep Disturbed - Main
Final Fantasy XIV - What will you say - Then you must recall Emet-Selch dying request
Final Fantasy XIV - Yshtola - Remember Us

For some reason, this made my character relive the horrible ending of Amaurot and recall Emet-Selch’s dying request. I was so caught up in my feelings about the end of 5.0 that I was not paying attention to anything Y’shtola was saying.

Final Fantasy XIV - Yshtola - If as the Exarchs research suggests sould and mind share a fragile yet profound bond

She apologized for ramblings on and I came out of this mission not exactly knowing why we went in there in the first place. If someone can explain this to me, I’d appreciate it.

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