Final Fantasy XIV: A Notable Absence

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Final Fantasy XIV A Notable Absence

Our search for Master Chai begins. This is the most important thing we can do right now. Forget saving the world; Lady Chai is upset. Most of the FFXIV player base would commit a felony for her.

Final Fantasy XIV - Alphinaud - It makes no sense for Master Chai to have left without a word

Alphinaud stated the obvious (as someone named “Tuna Mclean” photobombed my screenshot) that someone must have seen him leave. Unless he went over the edge of the rails to the water below, there’s no way no one saw him crip walk out of Eulmore.

Final Fantasy XIV - Alphinaud - We should split up and inquire as to wether anyone saw him leave

Alphinaud suggested we split up. Sure, let’s split up. I’ll talk to the most important people, and you, Alphinaud, talk to some rocks. That’s how these “split up and look” quests work in any MMO, right?

Final Fantasy XIV - Mowen - With Lord Vauthry apparently inexhaustible stores of meol

The first NPC I talked to was Mowen, who told me how their first-world problem of eating Eulmore citizens turned sin eaters made them not care about money. It seems Master Chai had consulted Mowen on how they could stimulate the economy now that they’re not cannibals anymore.

Final Fantasy XIV - Cornenne - He made more than a few valid points

The next person I spoke to was an NPC named Cornenne. He’s a Eulmorian soldier who told me Master Chai was concerned about the army of Eulmore. He says a lot of soldiers left the army after the Warrior of Light defeated the super generic Tekken-looking villain general. Master Chai wasn’t just concerned for the defense of Eulmore, but everything beyond Eulmore.

Final Fantasy XIV - Mufasa

He’s like the opposite of Mufasa, willing to have soldiers posted beyond the safety of the light.

Final Fantasy XIV - Hathenbet - Said he wanted to know the state of things down in Derelicts

The third person I spoke to, Hathenbet, told us Master Chai had come along to see how the people living in squalor were doing. Voldemort is gone, so I’m not sure why people are still living outside. There’s no one telling them not to, especially not a pair of jesters who hand out food made of people.

Final Fantasy XIV - Kai-Shirr - Any Luck

After doing my part, I went to find Alphinaud. To absolutely no one’s surprise, Kai-Shirr was completely useless.

So, where is Master Chai?

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